THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think




"Christmas" promoters spend a great deal of their time trying to wrap every conceivable good adjective they can think of around it. No other time of the year, and virtually no other activity in society, gets this kind of unusual treatment.  They will let "poor" children suffer all year long, from food insecurity, to gang violence sending bullets through their walls and windows, to complete lack of healthcare and quality education, without a single thought. But at "Christmas" time, they will literally rally the US Marines to rush them "toys". This kind of behavior is known in psychology as "OVERCOMPENSATION"

Virtually everything you have been told, (and subjected too) about "Christmas" is in reality, nothing more than pure public "propaganda" and "disinformation". 

These things are all done, because at the core of the ritual of Christmas, is a lot of very socially dark and theologically demonic, stuff. And there is literally no real incentive for anyone to be doing it, other than devout traditionalist Roman Catholics, whose Pope Sixtus III (a Pope by the name of 3 sixes) "assimilated" & institutionalized this Roman practice in the 400s CE, (3 Centuries after Christ), as part of their  "ecclesiology".  The Masonic commitment to this religious ritual, comes from what Pope Sixtus III, actually "assimilated". And, the "religious-right's" commitment to it, come from where they want to take the world. So it might be worth knowing where that actually is ...and decide if that is really where you want to go.

 T  H  E     S  E  R  I  O  U  S     L  E  G  A  L     P  R  O  B  L  E  M

If compulsory compliance, to Christmas ritual, enacted through law and policy, doesn't violate the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, then nothing ever does. Because protection from compulsory compliance to Christmas, was precisely one of the specific and primary motivations for conceiving, supporting and passing it, in Puritan colonial America. Puritans were very concerned about state-sponsored religious compulsion, particularly with regard to "Christmas".  Puritans traversed the Atlantic ocean, many of whom died in transit, to be free from religious compulsion, concerning "Christmas".

Rejection of Protestant religious history, led the United States into the "acceptance" and "practice" of Nazi "War Crimes"

Justice Scalia, rejected the values of the Protestant legal tradition in America's history, over the issue of torture. Citing the fact "Cruel and unusual punishment" did not actually apply to torture, (despite the 'belief" it did for centuries) Because, no one was technically being "punished". And for turning the Constitution into a sock-puppet for the modern use of "INQUISITION torture, and in violation of the GENEVA CONVENTIONS, alleged religious "conservatives", actually turned him into a "hero" for it. Which they should have been both appalled by and ashamed of.
These are some very strange "RELIGIOUS  "CONSERVATIVES" indeed !!, Because apparently whatever they are attempting to "conserve", is certainly not indigenous to "America", or its "religious history" ??? 

They might have been trying to "conserve" something, but it apparently has more to do with "conserving" the Papal "Dark Ages", than anything "American". 
Ironically, the same political group on the jihad for compulsory Christmas laws, were the most enthusiastic fans of Scalia's "torture" interpretation. (And this was not by accident either) The very vision of society, these alleged "RELIGIOUS CONSERVATIVES" are still promoting, were literally previously known as the "Dark Ages". Because they were, precisely that. And the term was introduced by Catholic reformers, to warn all of Europe, to never return to them.  Which we really shouldn't. 
Especially, in the United States. And especially because of the "religious" history, which every real "religious-conservative" should be "CONSERVING", not "erasing", they are actually seducing and deceiving Christians, into doing TODAY.  Advocating total societal conformity to "Christmas" and erasing the cultural and political commitment, to the American ideal of separation of "Church and State", is a serious step backward toward this very ugly past. And "Christmas" is the proverbial "canary in the coal mine" concerning the direction of the country.

T H E    S E R I O U S    T H E O L O G I C A L     P R O B L E M

 On the theological side of the question about "Christmas", however, there is really nothing to debate. Not for people, who believe in the New Testament as their "final guide", (i.e., the primary source documentation), for their faith and practice. (A typical confession in Protestant faith) It is only a decision between admitting the truth to themselves and others, or simply lying about it, out of political convenience. Because the New Testament itself,  is unmistakably, and extremely, clear on this activity.
Naturally, these "Christmas" crusaders wrapped themselves in layers upon layers of flags and Jesus statues, buttons and bumper stickers, to "sucker" the naïve into its own ranks, (& unfortunately it worked).  But the history of how "Christmas" became what it is, demonstrates it is not "indigenous" to Christianity. It was at best "an accommodation" to pagan Rome. (Even as explained by the Vatican itself).
"Christmas" was an "adaptation" of Roman "sun worship", but it was not engineered by Rome's own "Latin Fathers" (who actually not only rejected it, but condemned it). Which is amazing.

How bad has something "gotta be", to actually "offend" a "Latin Father" ???   These are the same ones, the Vatican cites to justify praying to idols, fondling rotting corpses for spiritual "power", or thinking of male sperm as human "souls". Those guys. Christmas, even offended them


As part of the "religious-right's" New World Order, they make it clear that they want a sweeping societal forced mandatory "confession of faith", complete with enforcement penalties. One of which is "condition of employment" or "holding public office".

"Merry Christmas" actually is a "confession of faith", and that is why it's "confession" is so important to the New World Order, alleged "religious-right". Most people however have no idea what they are being "forced" to "confess".


The forced "confession of faith" is all about the Roman empire, and nothing about Christ, who, neither him, nor any of his disciples, nor Apostles, had ever even heard of "Christmas".  They had nothing to do with it historically, and those who followed them, didn't either. (Including even those "Latin Fathers")  December 25th was the worship of the god of the Roman empire. In the 5th century it was "merged" into "Christianity" under the auspices of Pope Sixtus III. (A pope by the name of 3 sixes)

"Merry Christmas" is also "confessing" that the "Mass" done in "honor" of this synthesis Roman "Christ" on December 25th, is a Christ "Mass". While it might truly be a "Mass", it is a very debatable claim, that it is "Christ". "Mass"is found nowhere in anyone's Bible. It came from an anti-Semitic Syrian, named "Ignatius", who literally couldn't stomach the idea, of a Jewish Passover, even if Christ in the flesh, himself, had commanded it. So he invented something to replace it, called today, "a mass". Which is what "Christ-Mass" actually refers to.  The salutation of "Merry" and giving of gifts are mentioned in Revelation 11:10, as being instituted by "the beast" (a reference to the Roman empire). A text historically and traditionally identified with the "antichrist".

So factually speaking, the "Confession of Faith",  expressed in the word "Christ-mass" is a known historical lie, on both counts. "Christ" and "Mass". Acquiescing to that "confession of faith" means even if you do not agree with that confession, you are required to at least "go along" with that lie, for the sake of your own well-being. Your own job, your own career, your own income, your own election, your own pastorate, your own family, your own reputation, etc. In the same way, ancient Caesars requested worship as "God", from their Roman citizens. 

Most Romans knew, Caesar was not "God". They knew that too was "a lie".  But virtually all groups in the Roman empire seeking favor, had created sophisticated sounding excuses for their worship of that lie... all but one, that is. And that one group, became quite well known for their refusal to believe those excuses, and participate in those rituals. Because they were severely punished for their refusals. Refusing, to even go through the simple outward motions, despite the punishments, which included death. 

That one group, wrote our New Testament. And they had quite a lot to say, about those Roman rituals and feasts... including what we call "Christmas" today. (Which was actually known, in their own day and time.  And something they actually addressed in their own writings,  referring specifically to that actual "holy day" Roman feast).  But this information is never shared with the public, because promoters of "Christmas" do not believe in "informed consent". They believe in "deception for a good cause". (Which always ultimately, ends up being nothing more than "themselves")

T H E    S E R I O U S    H I S T O R I C A L    P R O B L E M




1Co 10:20-22

But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.

And so, ....they stopped eating at the "Lord's Table" altogether, and sat down to dine at the Devil's.

Government officials in the ancient Roman empire, decided the best way to "bring people together" was to "merge" pagan Devil worship WITH Christianity, so as to make them one and the same. But of course, what is the point of either "Christianity" or "Christ" if that is a truly valid theology? You might as well be worshiping or believing in the "Atonement" of Bozo the Clown, (BECAUSE IT WILL "CONVERT THE KIDS").  "Who was CONVERTING to what"? The answer has "theological" consequences and is not just "subjective", as people are constantly assured by "Christmas" propagandists. Authoritative "Primary source documentation" on the subject says exactly the opposite.


Since the "Christmas Christ" is not the "real" Christ, of either history, or the New Testament, does putting your "faith" in it, rather than the "real" other one, have any affect on one's salvation?

The answer according to centuries of "real" historic Evangelicals in America, was that it does. How could it not?  And that is why America's "real" Evangelicals insisted on staying focused on a "real" Christ they found in their "real" New Testament. And ...staying away from "Christmas".  Theologically, a "false Christ" is precisely that, and "false Christs" cannot "save" anyone. Not even themselves. The fact historic Evangelicals innately understood, was that you are no better off, with a "false Christ", than you are with "no Christ" at all. The end result, is the same. In fact, according to the New Testament, the consequences could actually be, even worse [Mtt.7:21-23].  It's one thing to know you have a disease, it's quite another to think you have been "cured", only to find out after it's too late, your "cure" was only a "hoax", someone used to con you out of some money.

As you can see, a lot has changed since the 19th century. But why did they change? Who authorized (or sponsored) those changes? What motivated them? And that is where "the Christmas story" in America, becomes absolutely both amazing and fascinating. There has been a massive "change" in theology, in "mainstream" Christianity in America, over this issue. And historically speaking, it is a very NEW one. It is a "baby" in diapers. But who is this "baby"? Who are its parents? And where did it come from? The answer to those questions is shocking.

"Counter-reformationist" ministers, (the same one's who swore to have their tongues cut out and their throats slit for telling "Secrets") within Protestant Evangelicalism, in America, are now telling their unsuspecting victims, the way it is now, is the way it has always been. But that is simply a "bold-faced" historical and theological lie.

If you examine the facts, it turns out that history had it right, and they have it wrong... and they have it wrong, on purpose. And with the malicious intent, of public deception.

The way it is today, is precisely opposite of the way it was in the past.

And the really really really dangerous part of all this, is that the opinions of the "Historic Evangelicals", founded on much more research, knowledge and moral principle, than what is leading America today, under these confiscated labels, was actually the correct opinion. 

It is precisely as they said it was.  The forefathers were right, & we ...are wrong, today.  And the reason we are wrong, is even worse, than the wrong.

The ancient Israelites claimed they were worshipping the "Elohim" that delivered them from Egypt, in "their celebration", with the golden calf.  (Ex.32:4) But "Elohim" told Moses, they had "destroyed" [ שָׁחַת ] themselves . (Ex.32:7)

They were in effect, worshiping "Satan", their "destroyer", despite the "name" they gave it, "Elohim". Sound familiar?

And if their much more informed and principled conclusions were true back then, (and they actually were), then none of the "Evangelicals" you see prancing around today, in their "Christmas pajamas", are even "saved". None of them. Not one. From Billy Graham, to Bill Bright, to Jack Van Impe, to James Dobson, to Jerry Falwell (in fact, to put it bluntly, the entire lot of the "religious-right" are a bunch of writhing demonic apostates!).  And most secular Americans have no substantial disagreement, with that derogatory characterization (because their political based hypocrisies are on full public display, and are completely transparent to all).  Their "political ambitions" translate into "despotism", "fascism" and social malfeasance.

According to the teachings of the very founders, they wear the "labels" of, the "religious-right" are "lost souls", following a "false Christ", condemned by the Scriptures, history and even their own theological forefathers.

And they are spreading a "Religious compulsion" politic to literally force the entire country to "follow" that same false Christ.... or be banned from public office, or lose their job, or be alienated in public school as a child, or have their business shut down.

And so, what they are actually doing theologically, in very real historic theological terms, is spreading a form of "forced damnation" upon the public.  Which makes them very wicked men. Apostates to be precise, like the "Saint" they follow (Saint Nicholas of the Nicolaitans) Not "religious-conservatives".  

The very sad thing about this hypocrisy, is that, they really do not want anyone to know about the problem, even if it did involve something as serious as "eternal damnation".  Why? Because it would "jeopardize" their entire political agenda. (And many "Evangelicals", would no doubt run away from them, like they were consumed with leprosy)

That is why, they suppress the truth about "Christmas", with so much force and ferocity.  But shaking up a coke-bottle, with a tightly sealed cap, only ensures, what eventually comes out, will spew all over the place, when it finally does. 

And that is what is now happening, with their suppression efforts concerning the truth about Christmas. They are simply shaking the coke bottle up. Thus ensuring, by "divine decree", their days are truly "numbered". And yes, that is the true future. The Jesuit eschatology they all likewise share and spread, is a fraudulent hoax too.

T H E     S E R I O U S     E T H I C A L    P R O B L E M


The worship rituals and traditional practices which the world is subjected to on December 25th, were formulated thousands of years ago, in an age when owning other humans as cattle, was the norm. Raping women was customary in any war. Absolute monarchs were the most common form of government the world over. Genocide was an official religious doctrine and normative government policy. There was no such thing as the concept of human rights, and certainly nothing even approaching the foundational principle of informed consent.

So, when the European Reich decided to enforce by law, any variety of occult rituals, privately or secretly worshiping themselves, or perhaps the Devil, for some twisted secret reasoning, hoping to result in fortune or power, no one had any right to complain. Nor had they any right to refuse. 

Religious compulsion was routinely used, throughout the history of "Christmas", in the same way raping women, was done, to do nothing more than demonstrate or perhaps over compensate for, the virtue of one’s masculinity, or power.  It was just one part of a whole range of incredibly abominable behavior, that was simply “normalized” by the ruling powers, and elite families of European society. It was out of this world, that the practice of "Christmas" was born.

Christmas carries with it, the DNA of the age, in which it was crafted. It was born in an age of darkness, superstition, deceit, brutality, religious compulsion and occultic power lust.  And so, it is no accident, that when you begin peeling the onion of Christmas, back to its origins, the more you peel, the more it stinks. And the more shocking and disturbing, justification of its compulsory practice becomes. Thus, why it depends on so much intentional direct deceit, to keep up, and promote the practice. 

Lying of course, is also, of no moral consequence to its promoters. Because lying, is a practice which lay at the heart, of its very worship and cultural ritual. Lying both to, and against, the best interests of your very own children, even.  As a public occult mass ritual, designed to not only eliminate dissent, but exterminate the dissenters as children, it actually even possibly endangers their physical safety.  That is if you believe either that spiritual things are real, or that the subconscious mind can play a very active subliminal role, over our behavior.

But at the foundational root of this mass ritual practice from ancient Rome, is the assumption by its promoters, that informed consent is not important. It can be dismissed without thought or conscience. And such dismissals are perfectly justified public policy which should be institutionalized, in all state and federal governments, in schools, in courtrooms, in neighborhoods, and even in churches.  And "dissenters" should be silenced, declared "insane", terminated from employment, or punched in the face.

And that "Christmas culture" pathos, transfers itself to every other area of a society involving both human, financial, political and even theological relationships. Deception is normalized. Informed consent is despised. Force is the standard mode of operation. And "violence" is the punishment deserved.  

"Christmas" is based inherently on the political ideology of "Fascism".   And that is why it is so inherently important to Right-wing Dictators, Fascists and Nazis the world over, and throughout history.  And why it is so inherently important to America's fraudulent "religious-reich" who "pretend" to be "religious-conservatives", but have no interest, whatsoever, in actually "conserving" anything from America's actual "religious" culture or history.

This paradox, between practices born out of the Dark Ages, and modern civilized society, creates an incredible cultural contradiction. Because in financial matters, without informed consent, the client or customer is said to have been financially defrauded, and the promoter of that action is sent to prison. 

In human relationships, if a person uses these tactics to force their sexual desires onto another person, without their conscious or informed consent, the act is defined as molestation or rape. And once again, the promoter of that action, is sent to prison.  

In modern democratic societies, if a politician uses those tactics, to force themselves onto a population, they are called fascist dictators, and usually as soon as they lose their grip on the power of state force, they too are either executed, imprisoned or banished to exile.  These kinds of things, are all considered "criminal behavior".


So, in other words, the world has changed a bit, since the dark ages. And social practices which depend on the cultural norms of deception and force of violence, against victims, depriving them of informed consent, are now generally regarded as criminal activities, in all the other spheres of our modern life.  And this has been a marvelous achievement for civilization. Conscious or informed, consent, is the basic standard, for modern law and ethics, in our societies.

But that is a standard, that the religious practice of Christmas, has never been able to meet.

SANTA AND KRAMPUS ABOVE - "Krampus" is the DEMON that comes with "SAINT NICHOLAS".  His job is to kidnap & then kill your children (if they aren't good Roman Catholics & are of no use to the Roman empire). Occult rituals designed to create the actual spiritual "manifestation" of these effects (including the death of your children), endanger the safety of your own children, when you participate in them. Whether you believe the "spiritual" effects are real, or whether you simply believe that subliminal psychology has real effect, either way ...It is no coincidence that deaths and accidents, hit a yearly high, every Christmas. (See "The Christmas Magic")

Christmas depends on the lack of informed consent, because very few would "consent" to it, after becoming "informed", about what it really is. And so that is the primary work of "Christmas" promoters. To make sure no one is ever "informed" about what it REALLY is. That is why the parents make sure and never let their young children know they are being lied to about the tree in their living room, or the bearded fat drunk, dressed in a red suite, that might grope them at the mall, while they sit on his lap. And why the Masonic preacher, or Catholic priest, invents a stock-pile of religious fiction to cover up, what they are all really doing. (...and why) It's all really pretty ugly. The "coming of Saint Nick" to the home in ritual form, also brings with him "Krampus".  "Krampus" is a demon that kills children because of their lack of subservience and use to the Roman empire. The thing is, he also kills the adults.


Perhaps you too, have rejected "informed consent" as the basis for normal ethical human behavior. Perhaps you yearn for the good old days of the dark ages, and mass ignorance, and genocides, and rape, and secret devil worship, all over again. Perhaps you think of toothless jousting knights, and stake burnings, and inquisitions and genocides, and secret cabals of devil worshiping monks and kings, inside ancient monasteries covered in Christian looking garb, raping children, ...perhaps that is what you think is normal, or even ideal. Perhaps you do. But chances are, you really don't. Chances are, you don't agree with having your right to "informed consent", flagrantly violated. Chances are, you read customer reviews because you want to find out the truth about a product before you buy it. Chances are you watch the weather report, because you want to know what is going on around you, and what to expect in your future. Chances are you believe in "informed consent", for yourself, even if you don't for anyone else, on the entire planet.  There is no doubt, you probably do for yourself.

This website believes "informed consent", is a God-given human right. And deception is not only an immoral or criminal behavior, but also a "sin". And that is why this "information", is being provided.

We believe, like you, that you have a right to "informed consent" when it comes to the practice of Christmas. You have a right to know what you are involved with. What you are supporting with your time, your family, and your money. And we believe you have a right to offer your consent, or refuse it, before you participate in it. And we believe that when it comes to religion, that same "informed consent" is a "human right" that is extended by God, to everyone on planet earth, including children, by virtue of their birth.  Because it is a right, that no matter who you are, you believe you should have for yourself. All you have to do, is go just one small step farther, and imagine the same for others. And you will then, understand.

Mat 7:12 

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

If you want "informed consent" for yourself in society, then start by "informing" yourself about "Christmas".  After all, they openly tell you, it's the most "magical" time of the year. And there's probably a reason, why.


T H E    S E R I O U S     P O L I T I C A L    P R O B L E M


QUOTE: "Integration and equality are myths; they disguise a new segregation and a new equality...Every social order institutes its own program of separation or segregation. A particular faith and morality is given privileged status and all else is separated for progressive elimination." END QUOTE

-- R.J. Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law (Nutley, NJ: Craig Press, 1973), p. 296 

(An author frequently cited by the "religious-right")





QUOTE: The  warning,  given  25  years   ago,   came   at   the 

moment    Pat    Robertson   and   other   radio   and  television 

evangelists  began  speaking about a new political religion that 

would direct its efforts toward taking control of all institutions, 

including  mainstream  denominations and the government. Its 

stated  goal  was  to  use  the  United  States  to  create a global 

Christian     empire.    This    call    for    fundamentalists    and 

evangelicals to take political power was a radical and ominous 

mutation of traditional Christianity. It was hard, at the time, to 

take   such   fantastic  rhetoric  seriously,  especially  given the 

buffoonish  quality  of  those  who  expounded  it.  But  Adams 

warned   us   against   the   blindness   caused   by   intellectual 

snobbery.  The  Nazis,  he  said,  were  not going to return with 

swastikas  and  brown  shirts.  Their  ideological inheritors had 

found  a  mask  for  fascism  in  the  pages  of  the  Bible. END 


- Chris Hedges, 

The Rise of Christian Fascism and Its Threat to American Democracy



How do you genocide a religious group without ever shooting a gun? You target what they are not supposed to do based on their religion, and make it an institutional or government requirement that they do it. It's fairly simple, actually.  

Vatican, Rome and it's "Counter-reformationists" have done this throughout history, and virtually all over the world, where they have had a presence. And they continue to do this, up into our very own day, including even here, in the United States, where such actions were intended to be prohibited, by America's founders.

"Progressive Elimination" tactics, along with outright genocide, were actually used by the Roman Religious-Reich, against the earthly family and blood relatives of Christ, known as the "Desposyni". By the 5th to the 7th centuries, A.D., they had been "exterminated". And it is no "accident" that these very "laws" were passed under the same Pope Sixtus III, (Literally 666) that instituted the 1st official Christmas in Vatican, Rome. These things are DIRECTLY RELATED historically.

Much of the "religious-right's" push to force the mouthing of "Merry Christmas" (or face a number of seriously punitive consequences), is in reality, the application of "Progressive Elimination" tactics

Tactics.... against the remaining remnant of historically real, Protestant Evangelical Christians, and/or Biblical Christianity, in the United States, along with any other "religious minorities", that might pose a "political problem" for a full restoration of Rome's "Religious-Reich" in the U.S.  Which obviously, also target Jews, Muslims, Jehovah's Witness, etc.,and many others... as well.

Here are some more examples, of how "Progressive Elimination" is done. 

Mat 5:33-37  

Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths: But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne: Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King. Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black. But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

James 5:12

“But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.”

In history past, many Evangelical groups and individuals, as per example, among the Puritans, Quakers, and Mennonites, etc., and who made up "a majority" of population of the United States in New England, at time time of the founding of the United States, taught correctly that Christ had prohibited the swearing of "Oaths", of any kind. (And he did)

So the Masons instituted the practice (as a requirement to take office) or testify in court, that one first "perform an Oath", with their hand placed on the very book, ...where the prohibition is found. 

Of course this function served absolutely no purpose, because a liar will lie regardless, and has no problem with putting his hand on a Bible first, because that's the hypocritical nature of a liar, who is perfectly comfortable with these kinds of hypocrisies.  But what it did do very effectively, was make sure and "eliminate" the participatory "civil rights" of a majority of the religious population of America, from being able to participate in their own government, or have any rights in a court of law.

In France for example, Vatican political operatives garnered support to use government compulsion to strip scarfs off the heads of Muslim women making it illegal for any woman in France to wear a Burka, of any kind, even the more moderate open faced ones. Since in France, Muslims are unpopular, it was an easy victory, even though ethically, an abominable one. The Muslim religion of course, requires women to cover their heads when going out in public, so what Catholic France has effectively done, is pass a "progressive elimination" law against Muslims in their country (which used to be an enlightened "western democracy"). In Denmark, a school attempted to pass a rule it's students were required to "eat pork". 

The Roman Reich has been "progressively eliminating" real Protestant/Evangelicalism for centuries, in America, repeatedly violating our US Constitution to use "government" to institutionalize policies of "progressive elimination" while America's own Protestant/Evangelical ministers compromised by Secret Society obligation, either stood by silently, or actually worked as TRAITORS, to undermine our own country, it's own history and culture, and ultimately the very religious freedoms, promised in the 1st amendment of the US Constitution.   And these people, have the utter hypocrisy to claim they are "Patriots" and "Religious-Conservatives" while they do these kinds of things. It is pure political "opposite-speak".(Or to put it another way, an attempt to "brainwash" the public with "disinformation" about who they are, and what they are doing) Because in reality, they are actually ideological opposites, of virtually all "the labels" they have chosen for themselves.

Our "freedoms" are now being chiseled away one by one, to create a "Catholic State", similar to those right-wing dictatorships already found throughout Latin America.  There is a reason life is better in the United States, than in those right-wing Catholic dictatorships, in Latin America. Einstein once said, the definition of insanity, was doing the same thing and expecting a different result. So apparently, America's Religious-Right conservatives who want the same kind of society here in the U.S., have simply gone insane. They are perfectly free, at any time to relocate themselves to Honduras, Nicaragua or El Salvador, and enjoy their definition of societal paradise. But apparently, that is not enough. They want to re-create that same kind of society, in the United States, where refugees from these same countries are desperately fleeing. 

Hitler worked his way up the food chain, beginning with the least popular first.  He eventually got around to everyone, even Catholic priests, and the same thing has happened to Catholic priests in Latin America, where right-wing dictatorships serve as puppet states for the Vatican, and right-wing death squads roam the streets killing dissenters, Protestants, Ministers and "liberal Catholic priests".  

The people doing these very same things in our world today, have literally, their historical roots in World War II Nazi/Vatican/Holy Roman Empire political ideology. These are in fact, "left-over Nazis", we have now handed over control of, first the GOP, then our CIA, and then finally the United States, ...and inexcusably our Protestant/Evangelical Churches and it's leadership, as well, and they are doing the same things today, they have always done before.  

"PROTESTANT" is not "optional" for Biblical Christianity. It is a requirement. It is in fact, the very name it was first given, in the Bible itself, (Acts 24:5 Grk translated "ringleader") and it's work of "REFORMATION" (Heb.9:10) the Biblical mission of the New Testament itself (from whence came these terms to begin with). And in civil terms, "Protestant/Evangelical" is the only theological heritage able to "salt" the "earth" with the founding father's, Biblical New Testament vision of separation of Church and State, one which they were all equally committed to, until the advent of  RELIGIOUS REICH propaganda. Which spent it's efforts re-writing history.

Now here in America, there is a drive underway by these people to fixate on such trivialities as "forcing" people to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS", or making "Christmas" part of State law, or forcing school children or employees, to engage in compulsive Christmas activities, in order to "keep their jobs", feed their families and simply live in PEACE (at Christmas time) without it. 

This time, like in France, the target isn't Muslims, although they stand to be indirectly impacted as well.  It's mostly "conservative Protestant/Evangelical Christians" (the very thing they fraudulently "claim" to be)  they have "targeted" for "elimination".  Their historically and Biblically based "religion", being the primary "target" of this quote: "religious-conservative": End quote: action.  That is nothing short, of a complete and total bold-faced lie. A complete and total deception.

Conservative Protestant Americans are being "force fed" the unbelievably "Big Lie", that this is their heritage, their history or their culture. None of which is in fact true. In fact, the case is quite the opposite. And there were some very sound, and important, reasons why that was the case, both politically and theologically, for America's real historic Evangelicals.  

And today, it is still the fully informed from this same theological heritage, that remains one of the last "hold out's", against the institutionalization of Christmas. Because they know what it is. Quietly and politely, they hold their peace and simply hide themselves and their opinions, during the Christmas season. (Something they really shouldn't have to do). 

But when even the tactic of quiet avoidance is stripped away, as a matter of public policy, then speaking to the public, about the error of what they are being forced to do, is all that's left, that can be done.  If "choice" is taken away by force, then there is "no choice" left, other than to speak the truth, publicly about it. No matter whose "feelings" are hurt, or "offended", by that information. No "choices" have been left to exercise.

While some Atheists rightfully find forced religious compulsion and confession offensive, and some take action during Christmas to object to the merger of State and Church, most of these actions target the concept of God's existence, not really "Christmas".  

Famous Atheists have publicly explained, they do not care, and indulge Christmas quite happily. (Excusing themselves as "Culturally Christian") which is on it's own, quite astounding.  It is not the "atheists", nor the "gays", nor the liberal "commies", who find "Christmas" most objectionable and offensive.  These labels are mouthed by Fox News fans & pundit commentators, to cover, hide and avoid mentioning, their real target, which is never publicly mentioned. 

Their actual "target" are the few remaining faithful historic Protestant/Evangelicals left in America.  The same people TARGETED by the Government in the familiar "Christmas" propaganda, (British) Scrooge and (American) Grinch, which were created to publicly demonize, marginalize and subhumanize... America's own indigenous Protestant/Evangelical faiths. (By showing how much better it was for SCROOGE to pray to demons and enjoy "Christmas") And Grinch written by a military trained German-American psy-ops specialist, immediately after WW2 (no less), to stigmatize Jews & New England Protestants over the issue of Christmas. 

They know that if they "mention" the real target of these "progressive elimination" efforts, they will risking losing a significant portion, of their political "right-wing" or "conservative" base. And their fear is justified. They would. That is why what they are doing is being done behind the veil of intentional "deception".

As "Satanic" protagonists, these politicized seducers, deceivers and genocidalists, are doing their job well, for their "master". It is the Protestant/Evangelical Christian, their own "religious-conservative", which has gone completely AWOL, and unwittingly "agreed" to their own mockery, and destruction.

These subhumanization labels are offered on national TV without fail, or apology, every year. If this kind of public theatrical mockery and slander, were directed at racial minorities, instead of religious ones, the Networks sponsoring them, would probably risk losing their federally granted, tax-payer funded, FCC licenses. Which is very ironic, since often racial and ethnic identities, overlap with religious orientations. (In other words, while you might not be able to publicly mock a "Jew" or an "African-American" directly, as long as you target their "religious-orientation", it's "open season").  A fact that does not escape the notice, of Neo-Nazis and racists.
It is no accident, that these very groups, who would cheer the bombing of children, in a Church Sunday School, are the very same ones, that wave Nazi flags, dressed up as Santa-Clause, and demand the explicit mouthing of "Merry Christmas", or retaliate with physical violence.

They fully understand the connection, to the "confession" of subservience, they are seeking to obtain, by use of force. The question is, do you? Do you really?
In fact, historically speaking, "Christmas propaganda" is actually insulting the actual real historical theological heritage, of a majority of the country's population. 

(Most however, from these very histories, sadly do not know it)  They literally do not know, the ugly animalistic portrayals they are watching every year on their own TV, are the grotesque and distorted mockeries, of their own theological histories. (With commercial breaks every 10 minutes, to sell them "soap" and "toilet paper", in gratitude for "sponsoring", their own mockery !?!)

And while they SHOULD BE outraged, they are not. Why? Because they don't even know, they are the ones being mocked.  (They have literally been so "brainwashed" by "disinformation").

T H E    S E R I O U S    R A C I S M    P R O B L E M



Racism is not just an incidental part of Christmas tradition, which can be easily solved by “window dressing” a few colors on 1 or 2 of it’s most famous icons.  Racism is at the core of it’s conceptualization. It is intrinsically integrated into “Christmas” both in terms of it’s actual political history as a racist “practice” and as it’s actual ideology.


No one understands this truth more than “Nazis” and “white supremacists” themselves, which are always zealous to make sure the public knows they stand for “Christmas” and that their adherents are militant supporters of the practice.  This comes from the actual history of racism.


And knowledgeable African-Americans, keenly aware of this history of racism, intrinsically associated with “Christmas”, had no choice but look for some way of personal escape, from it's annual racist "sting", and thus was born, "Kwanzaa", as a balm for the open wound, left by the racial insults and marginalization's of the Klan's "white Christmas".


The slave-states of the south adopted the Valadolid theology of their Jesuit slave traders, and subsequently, the slave state of Alabama was the first state in America, to make Christmas, a state law. After the “Civil-War”, the Ku Klux Klan, which chose "Christmas" as the day of it's "founding", also adopted the Jesuit’s Valadolid Catholicism as it’s theology, which with it proceeded to terrorize all truly "Christian" Americans, both white and black, for literally a century more. 

That sentence framed grammatically, as though it had actually ended at some point, which of course, even to this very day, it has not. Receiving recently, both approval and open public encouragement, from the highest political office in the country.

More about all this is covered in the section entitled, “the Christmas Scrooge”.




Not only was the real deity of Christmas, a blond-haired, blue-eyed “Aryan” deity, which in reality was derived from Rome’s "Apollo" (a/k/a Sol Invictus), in contrast, the “Christmas devil”, was the Black male.  This propaganda was instituted by Rome to insulate white European Catholics  from the influence of the spread of Islam just to the south, across the Mediterranean sea, in North Africa.


The song “I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas” literally became an anthem song for Klansmen all over America, who proudly displayed symbols of “White supremacy” in parades, with the song blaring in the background at “Christmas” time.


But the “racist” history of Christmas was not just focused on the subjugation of Africans. It also included a hefty dose of rabid convulsing "mouth-foaming" Antisemitism, as well.  (Which also does not escape the notice and faithful devotion and revival by modern Neo-Nazis and Klansmen)

One pope actually used this time of year to round up Jews and force them to run naked through the streets of Rome in the winter cold, for entertainment, as part of their “celebration”. Every time an artistic representation of "Moses" was made, the artists gave him "horns", because Rome "blame-shifted" the title "synagogue of Satan" , away from Gentile Nicolaitans (to whom it was directed), to Jews. (which Christ himself, had actually been raised a member)

Thus in reality, villainizing and demonizing, the actual real personal ethnic and religious identity, of the very same figure they were falsely claiming to "worship" and "follow" (in the midsts of their own hatred, of who he even was ?!?)


The reason many of these lynching photographs were preserved, was because they were sent as "post-cards" (at "Christmas")



The typical person in America, usually doesn't associate bold faced intentional deceit with "Christian", especially if it is wealthy and famous and "Christian", but unfortunately, they actually should, because these people are proving to be the biggest liars in America, on virtually any topic on which they "broadcast". And the reason for this is that these are really NOT "Christians" at all. They are "Counter-reformationist" Christians, which is actually a sort of "opposite-to-Christian" Christian. In Biblical theology, this system was known as "Nicolaitanism". And you see this in their constant and habitual shameless public propaganda lying.

The religious “Christian” television network out of Texas, “Day Star”, attempted to depict Harriet Tubman as a full blown “Christmas missionary”, as rescuing slaves during “Christmas” in order to “give them" the "gift" of "freedom” at "Christmas". And it was all pure hogwash.

It was the most wicked and openly deceptive re-writing of history possible. Harriet Tubman, as John Brown, were influenced by the real “Christianity” of their day, which openly and completely rejected “Christmas” as anything even remotely “Christian”.   Harriett Tubman as well as most in the "Abolitionist" movement, including Frederick Douglas himself, are all fully on the historical record about "Christmas". Their opinion was that is was diabolical, and directly connected to the function of "slavery" in America's embrace of Roman "slave-culture".

Harriet Tubman specifically picked “Christmas” to strike, because in her own words, she knew “slave-masters” (who claimed to be “Christians” but were not), would be getting sloppy drunk and preoccupied with their "Christmas" debauchery. So that would be the perfect time to "strike". And this “wisdom”, she attributed to having been given to her by God. (Who apparently didn’t think too highly of their "Christmas" orgies of debauchery either)


It was entirely no accident, that those very same New Englanders who opposed “Christmas”, were also the very same ones, who were equally opposed to “slavery” in the slave state of Alabama, where “Christmas” was first made state law in America, and were assisting the "underground railroad" (made up perhaps entirely of people against Rome's "Christmas")  The Jesuits on the other hand, were busy spreading both ("Christmas" and "Slavery", hand in hand), throughout the southern United States.

In fact, one of the "Christmas gifts" actually given by Valadolid Catholic southerners (who promoted and practiced "Christmas" in America, along with their "slavery"), was a "new slave". "Slaves" were actually given as "gifts", at "Christmas".


QUOTE: At length, after a long and wearisome journey, we reached Pontotoc, McGee's home, on Christmas eve. Boss took me into the house and into the sitting room, where all the family were assembled, and presented me as a Christmas gift to the madam, his wife. END QUOTE


T H E    S E R I O U S     S P I R I T U A L    P R O B L E M




But he turned, and said unto Peter,

Get thee behind me, Satan:

thou art an offence unto me:

for thou savourest not the things that be of God,

but those that be of men. 

In all probability, "your minister", actually is... the servant of Satan.  If Christ had no hesitation in applying that title to "Peter" (the Rock), you can be fairly certain, there is no hesitation in Christ, applying that title to your own "minister", despite the fact, you may like him, perhaps even "love him", and have the "utmost respect" for him.

Probabilities aside however, if your minister is a "minister" of "Christmas", or a "Christmas minister", then that title is "unavoidable".  He certainly does in fact, "savour the things that be of men". Thus qualifying him without much ambiguity, in the words of Christ himself, for the title of "Satanic".

The "Christmas" minister is lying to you, and he knows he is doing it while he does it, and he chooses to do it, rather than suffer the consequences of telling you the truth.  (That is the very definition of "Savouring the things that be OF MEN).  

If you tolerate his lying, you are doing nothing more than allowing "Satan" to "minister" to you, through him. Your Pastor or Preacher, is in fact, as Christ himself clearly said, a "minister" of "Satan". And you as a "Christian", need to start actually "following Christ", rather than your local political operative, "Satanic minister". Because he really is "Satanic" (in the full sense of that word), precisely as Christ warned (even Peter).

There may be a reason the "Christmas minister" has no problem with you setting your child in the lap of a big fat shaggy Roman satyr who "winks" and encourages everyone from the parents to the news people to take part in his "lie", to the most vulnerable and innocent of our society, who deserve our most respect, not our least.  

Mat 23:31-33  

Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

There might be a reason your minister has no problem with all the deceit used to propagate Rome's Solar-Mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass, because maybe he's a deceiver too.  And the more "important" this ritual might be to him, despite it's deceit, the bigger a deceiver he might actually be. 

There maybe a reason he has no problem lying about tree worship, it's origin, it's continued practice, it's demonic efficacy, it's condemnation in the Scriptures as the practice of apostates and those who "do secretly those things which are not right in the sight of the Lord", because he's doing them too.  He's the very one, the text is speaking about. 

And there may be a reason that your minister will never tell you the name of the man who "instituted" Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass, that it was literally 666, and he was of those the Scriptures spoke about as having "the spirit of the Antichrist", because he too calls that same "spirit" his "Christmas spirit", and those people his "brethren", and it's solar-deity from ancient Rome, he calls his "Christ".  And the people who issued orders, to have the entire family of the real Christ exterminated, he calls those people his "Church fathers".  There may be a reason he is keeping all that, "a secret" from you.  There IS a reason for it.

When Pat Robertson was asked about this strange "Masonic" hand pose, on the cover of Time Magazine, by a Christian website interviewer, he told them that he had "hurt his hand" while riding his "horse" the day before, and placed his hand in that pose simply because he was injured.  Pat Robertson is a notorious open promoter of compulsory "Christmas" law and public policy.  Donald Trump recently promised him, in an interview on his network, that "Merry Christmas" would be "said again", very soon. 


Of course, "Merry Christmas" has never stopped "being said". What had paused momentarily however, was the drive to enforce the mandatory confession of faith, as compulsory law and public policy, in what they refer to as "the public square".  

T H E    S E R I O U S    E S C H A T O L O G I C A L    P R O B L E M


Mat 7:21-23

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. 

According to "the gospel", as in "the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John",  which is what the word refers to, the majority of the world's "Christians" will be deceived, and "perish".  They will go to their graves, thinking they are following "Christ", and he will greet them with the question:"Who are you?". What religious phenomena, could possibly create such a condition on earth?

A condition where billions of people, all over the world, think they are "honoring Christ", and he doesn't even know who they are ??? And the only thing he has to say to them when he sees them on that final day is, "I never knew you". Who was it, all these billions of "Christians", all over the world, thought was Christ? ??? It was obviously someone else, altogether?!? But who? What? How did they get so deceived? Who deceived them? It would obviously be the work of Satan, but how?

In doing all these works of deceit, over "Christmas", according the Scriptures, in no uncertain terms, the "Christmas minister" is the "minister", of Satan. It's really not that hard to "figure out". 

There are dozens, scores and even hundreds of concrete proofs, from the New Testament, of this theological reality. (A theological reality, once UNIVERSALLY known, by ALL  "American Evangelicals") Pretty much, all of them.  That is why they avoided "Christmas", like the plague. (And had to be "brainwashed" and "shamed" and "progressively eliminated" from society) by the Masons, and the Vatican, before that theological community, even began to show signs, of compliance to the empire's goals.  In reality, they were simply being slowly snuffed out, "replaced" and "disappearing", with a theological "sin"-thetic substitute.

Otherwise, if "Christmas" had been "true" all along, all you would have had to do, is show them "the truth".  And the problem would have been easily solved. 

(But of course, there is no "truth" there to show) So instead, our benevolent Masonic masters, in cooperation with the Vatican, eagerly seeking domination of the Protestant United States, turned to the darkness they both live in, in order to jointly rid themselves of their problem. 

They are not to be faulted however, for doing their jobs.  God made mosquitos and snakes and rats, for a reason too, as well. Everything does what it's programmed to do. Ducks quack. The Vatican and the Masons, have had goals, policies and practices that required them historically, to lie, cheat , steal and kill. That's what they do. (Along with their "good deeds" done for show). It's not their "fault" they do what they were created to do. And they should not be faulted for doing their job. They have fulfilled the nature of what they are. But, Protestant/Evangelical Christians have been completely "AWOL" and negligent, in doing theirs.

The facts, which expose "Christmas" as "devil worship", come from the same Biblical authors, the "Christmas minister" claims to emulate and be teaching you about. (Which of course, he isn't) 

Instead, the "Christmas minister" is busy feeding the public, his known lies. Lies, he actually knows are lies. (And lies he tells, as "the truth", anyway). He is literally, on full public display, as a "professional" liar.  He might as well be standing in the pulpit, with a sign around his neck, that reads; "Professional Liar" for "Hire".  (Full services granted to the highest bidder).

If you take your New Testament seriously, then you should know, by way of "informed consent", it openly tells you, that your "Christmas" minister, is in no uncertain terms, "the servant of Satan". (No matter how "good" or "famous" or "beloved" he is).  It's just a cold hard fact. There are some very nice "devil worshipers" in the world, but they are, despite their pleasantness and worth as human beings, still none-the-less, "devil worshipers", when it comes to "spirituality".  

In fact, in the Bible, most "devil worshipers" in Israel never even knew that is what they were doing! Why ? How on earth, could you possibly be the worshiper of a devil, and not even know it??

Because they "named" their "devil", with the "sacred name" of God. They called their devil "YHVH". How could it be a "devil", when we call it "YHVH" ???

It had to be "proven" to them, that despite naming their devil "YHVH", it was still just a devil.  And even then, some refused to believe it, no matter what! Some continued to worship their devils, even after they fully realized, that is what it was. And so, they became "devil worshipers" with full intent, still though, insisting on calling it "YHVH"!!!

And that is precisely what the "Christmas minister" has done, historically.  He is a "devil worshiper" who has called his "devil" YHVH.  He is worshiping as "God", his own devil.

And that, to that end, ..that is precisely where he is taking you ...and your family, in your future ..and ...into eternity.   If you follow him.

Is that somewhere, you really wish to go? (By way of "informed consent"?)

Just because your "preacher", is going to "Hell" however, ...doesn't mean you have to go there with him.  

You DO have a "Choice". And no one has to "give you permission", to make it. It's yours alone, to make. And no one can take it from you, when you make it. No one. It's yours, and God himself, gave it to you, to make.

...they received not the "love of the truth" that they might be saved.

T H E   S E R I O U S    S O T E R I O L O G I C A L    P R O B L E M


2Th 2:10-12

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 

Despite the comedy and tragedy of the "Christmas Minister", this very strange theological creature, has a very important function in the "spiritual eco-system".  His existence is no accident, and no one should ever persecute this species, (the "Christmas minister"), into "extinction", like they have attempted to do to others, throughout their history.  Alligators and snakes eat people too, but God has a purpose even in their creation.  You just don't want to become their "dinner".

Even though "Christmas ministers" are often morally bankrupt, and even sometimes dangerous, they serve a very important purpose in society, which was prophesied in the Scriptures.  And their purpose, has to be "respected". They Have been sent by God.

The "JOB" of a "Christmas minister", is to intentionally lie to you, and deceive you, whenever, and as often, as credibly possible. (precisely as he does) ....and he has done his job, very very well. And thus, the "Christmas minister" has not only played a direct role, in the fulfillment of prophecies in the New Testament, he is fulfilling his God-given function of "delusion". (He is actually being  sent by God, to "deceive you", on purpose) He has a "purpose".  He is sometimes, (sometimes), not even aware of this purpose, he just performs the deceit instinctively, because that's who he is. But often, "the mission" of public deception, is even consciously known. Especially among those made privy to "the mystery" among the Masons, or the Vatican. (They are even "consciously and intentionally" deceiving the public)

In the end, the lying "Christmas minister" will ultimately be destroyed by God, not only for his deceit, but by it, as well. (at least according to the New Testament) So the "Christmas minister" is a tragic theological species, to be sure. And something to be mercifully, pitied, if you ever meet one, face to face.

Your job ...however, (if you want to be "saved")  is to "love the truth"[2 Thess. 2:10-12]  (and know that he is being sent, to be the "liar" he is).  But your JOB, is to "know better". Because... you "care" better. And thus, not become his "dinner". Because he must "feed". And he will. (Matthew 7:15) And when you meet one, you must be aware, he is always (always) looking for "food".

So you can admire a "Christmas minister", like you might admire the natural wonder of a crocodile, or a very large python snake, both beautiful and magnificent creatures.  But dangerous to humans.

And the very last thing you would want to do, is "feed" your children to them. Admire the majesty of their existence, and how they fulfill the very prophecies of the New Testament given 2000 years ago, before they ever existed, but never "feed" your children to them. And do not attempt to pet one.

They have done their "JOB", but the question is, have you done "your job"? Did you ask enough questions? Did you research to find out the truth? Did you follow-up, personally, and check out what they told you? To see if it was really true? If you did those things, then you already know, what is being written here. If you didn't, then maybe it's time, you did. Because you do have a "Choice" to make.

...when it comes to THE LIE? Do you "Love the THE TRUTH"? Or do you "prefer THE LIE"?  That's a very simple, cut and dry, binary question, with a very simple cut and dry, binary answer. It is so simple, it is hard, to actually believe, it is so incredibly, simple. But that is precisely what it is. Yes/No. Up/Down. Heaven/Hell. Which do you choose? Your choice, is the "fruit" of what exists, within you.

That is how you know, whether or not, you are really "saved".  And that is the purpose of "the Great Delusion", and the "Christmas minister".  He is there to "spread it". (You can't "mistake" being "saved" from something, you actively still prefer to do it) .  You can't "honestly" believe, you are "saved", when you worship a devil, and call it "Christ".  That's just the cold hard truth. (Your actions are the concrete "proof", you haven't been "saved" from anything) You're still a "lost soul". You are "deluded". Not knowing "God", from "Satan", spiritually.

There's no "mistake" about it. God has created something on earth, that makes one's true "spiritual allegiance", as clear as day and night.(And it's literally, all over the world, at the same exact time) Even in communist, officially Atheist, countries. All over the world, "Christ-mass" is known, and is observed. (Throughout the entire earth). And all over the word, at the very same time, all for various reasons, there is an instinctive "ecclesia", who "reject" THE LIE.  

Sometimes, they don't even know why. But they do. Something in them, is instinctively and spiritually, incompatible, with "the Great Delusion" and all the lying that is going on around them. And it marks them, as belonging to God. Whatever else may be right or wrong with them, they have something inside them, that causes them to "love the truth", more than THE LIE. (Even when it sets them apart, from "the whole world")

It takes a lot of very intentional thought and work, and spending of financial resources, to embrace "Christmas". You can't "accidentally" do "Christmas". You have to make a lot of very intentionally planned decisions, and think a lot of very obvious thoughts, to yourself and outwardly toward others, to engage in it. 

It is the "spiritual" line in the sand, the Pythagorean Upsilon, the place of decision, that reveals your allegiance, your direction, and thus your future destination in eternity. And all over the world, it's function is the same. It is a "miracle", and God has sent this delusion to every corner of the earth, to serve the same purpose for all.

Who do you serve? God or Mammon? "The Lie" or "the Truth"? Saved, or Damned? It's binary. Just like the choice you exercise. And God has sent the "Christmas minister", to help you discover, who you really are.  Truth or Lies? Which do you innately choose to serve? Which do you "prefer"? 

Religious people who follow "Christmas ministers", into the worship of an ancient "solar-devil", by re-naming it, "Christ", have not changed the nature of the devil that they are now worshiping, by that new name. They could even call it YHVH, and it still wouldn't change what it is.

Nothing has changed simply because Rome gave its state solar-deity,  a new name, and its victims simply refused, to look into the closet, because they didn't want to "see" what was really there. 

It's still the same old devil, it's always been.  Except now, they are worshiping it, by the name of "Christ" or "Jesus". Despite the fact they are calling this entity "Christ", it will be the "Christ of the Scriptures", who will greet them with the question:"Who are you? Depart from me, I never knew you.  According to the Scriptures, the actual "identity" of Christ, is a deadly serious issue, for anyone serious about "Christ". It is not to be taken casually, or lightly, or dismissed with false assurances by people who "don't care" anyway. It is both the final, and the ultimate, difference, between real "salvation", and real "damnation". (The kind that really exists)

Calling things by other names, does not change the nature of their existence, only your awareness, of what they are.  Taking the name of Christ and intentionally confusing it with a Greco-Roman sun deity, is no way helping to clarify your allegiance, to the Christ, of the New Testament. In fact, it is literally making it "disappear".

You can call a "Toyota", a "Ford", if it makes you "feel" more patriotic. But you will still be driving around in a "Toyota" at the end of the day. And most people will simply laugh at you, if they know you are "joking".  But they will quickly become concerned you are "deluded", if you actually believe your own lie.

The only question you have to answer as a Christian, is, do you trust an ancient Roman solar-devil, more than you trust in the "Christ" of the Apostles and Scripture? (...just because a "Satanic" minister, that you may have great admiration for, "said so"?) That's a question, that may ultimately, determine your eternal destiny. So you should give it a lot of serious thought, before you decide.

Below are some examples of  "preachers" who had the courage to "break with their ranks" over the truth, and serve Christ, ...and thus chose the path of eternal life, over fame and fortune. 


1Ki 19:18 Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal,

At one time, the majority of all PROTESTANT denominations rejected the Pope's Christ-mass knowing the information you are reading here as common knowledge, any elementary school child could recite.  Now however, if your minister refuses to lie for his Church at Christ-mass, he will be FIRED!  Lose his career, face unemployment, a wasted college education, family alienation or loss, possible homelessness, and his reputation will be run down, by his phony apostate fellow ministers to avoid dealing with the truth about their own compromised seared consciences.

The following are "True Confessions" and "Testimonials".  The first was written by a former Baptist minister who lost everything as a result of standing for the truth.  The second  comment by a minister who came out of Catholicism after realizing the terrible deception he was a part of as a follower of Christ and how he was alienated by his entire family as a result of his witness concerning the truth, and in particular about Rome's "Christ" mass.  The third is a public call for repentance written by a minister to a local newspaper.

The stands these men (and many others like them) have taken, illustrate why in all probability, your PROTESTANT/EVANGELICAL minister has chosen to lie to you about Christmas, rather than repent and TELL THE TRUTH, surrendering their will to the REAL CHRIST of the Bible.  Many PROTESTANT ministers are AFRAID to speak out in their own Churches because of the things they will be forced to suffer as a result of standing with the truth.  Until the body of people who make up the congregations of these historically PROTESTANT/EVANGELICAL Churches, institutions and denominations began to speak up for their own true theological heritage, their own history, and their own faiths, you will see why given the options, most ministers will simply sear their conscience and support whatever lies they are told to speak, no matter what it does to their own souls, the souls of people in their congregations, or even the country.




QUOTE: ...We grew up celebrating Christmas, and December 25th was something we were trained to look forward to all year long.  Every big toy or present we decided we wanted was deferred and promised to us for Christmas, which often times we got.  As I grew older, I remember focusing more and more on the spiritual aspect of Christmas.  The part about Christ.  The Church functions and activities, etc.  I do confess I did enjoy the music and the nostalgia and reflection of the holiday.  But the commercialism always bothered me, as did the lying to children about Santa-Clause.  I knew there was simply no way to reconcile that with scripture. <> The more I begin to read about it, the more shocked I became about what I was endorsing to students of my ministry.  I finally got to the point I could no longer in good conscience support this deception.  

The problem was of course, that most Baptist denominations now support Christmas.  In fact, they have built much of the Church calendar around Christmas and holiday activities associated with it.  Even certain charity drives and missionary fund drives are done especially at Christmas.  I knew that I had to make a choice between being a "company man" and going along with the program, or doing God's will.  The more I tried to justify the compromises, the worse I felt, and the more guilty my own conscience started to become.  It was affecting my spiritual life definitely.  I could actually feel God's presence leaving.  That's when I knew, if I did want to serve God in reality, rather than just pretend, I simply had no choice.   

Well as you can imagine, that was the end of my career.  But it was a career that I realize now would have taken me down the road to hell, even though on the outside, it would all looked quite the opposite.  After you go to college and get your degrees in theology, and then find yourself in a state of disagreement, there is not much else you can do with your education.  I ran across ministers who didn't believe in the Bible anymore, didn't believe in the afterlife, I even met one who admitted in private he was really an atheist or agnostic.  But they were all doing the religious motions externally that kept everyone happy (like Christmas).  I was angry about it for a while.  But what has happened since is that God has tremendously blessed us financially, my relationship with God is better now than it has ever been, and I have had a life of ministry since then, that God has richly blessed.  And most importantly of all, I can now speak the truth to those I talk to about God.  

The decision I made to withdraw from Christmas was one of the hardest things I ever did.  It cost me what I thought was going to be my career.  That was 30 years ago and the more I have learned about this subject, the more I am convinced that decision was a pivotal point in my own salvation.  Had I chosen to go the way of the world with this, there is no doubt in my mind, I would have lost my soul, and become another angel of the devil that the Church is now over-run with.  

I met one of my friends from college, years later, who had made the decision to keep their job, rather that obey what the Spirit of God was telling them.  This person broke down in tears with me and asked me to pray for them.  They told me that if they were to die in a car accident on the way back returning to their Church for service, they really had no assurance in their own heart, they would even be going to heaven.  

I do believe this fork in the road can become an issue in someone's salvation.  The Christ they are peddling for Christmas is not the one in the Bible. It is a phony fake commercialized pagan Christ. I'm fairly convinced if I had followed that one 30 years ago, I would have wound up in the same spiritual condition as my friend.  I hope this encourages others who find themselves in ministries, to do what they know is right, rather than what they know will advance their careers..  Because in the end, you might gain the world, but lose your own soul over it.  And that's simply not worth what you will pay.  At one time, Christians in America, understood this truth. END QUOTE

Mat 7:13-15

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 


QUOTE: "The Christ-Mass thing is what finally caused my siblings and parents to disown me. They didn't like it when I (a devout Catholic) left the church after reading a bible. They didn't like it when I started to ministry. They didn't like it when I started sharing facts with them and everyone I came into contact with about Rome. They didn't like it when I pulled my children from Catholic school and became a preacher. They didn't like it when I became an associate pastor of a nondenominational church. 

But when I sent out a doc file filled with evidence against Christ-Mass 15 or so years ago, that was the final straw!  Christ-mass appeals to the world for one main reason. MONEY!  END QUOTE


QUOTE: Why do we go on believing in a lie? We know that Christmas is not Jesus? Birthday. Anybody who has been taught in religion studies would tell you that we may not know when Jesus was born but it was not December 25th.In fact the majority of you may not even know that a festival that began with the Romans called the Saturnalia was a festival or holiday that took place to celebrate Saturn as a harvest god. It was celebrated from the 17th until the 25th of December. This is the time where the Roman people were to indulge in food, drink and gift giving. It was within this festivals conclusion, December 24th where the Romans believed they were destroying the forces of darkness, their enemies. 

On December 25th they did not eat or drink. On the 26th is where they exchanged their gifts to each other.  In the 4th century CE, the high Popes of Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival by choosing the 25th day as Jesus "birthday" a new life of hope and everything that Jesus stands for, in hopes of drawing the pagan masses to join with them. It was within the Council of Nicaea where the church was in the process of legalizing Christianity with the authority of the Roman Emperor Constantine, for the sole purpose of unifying into the one religion of Rome. 

In time, the Popes over Christians, succeeded in winning the pagans to Christianity. It was with the promise that they could continue to celebrate the Saturnalia but under the name, "Christmas". Christmas became one of the most popular Roman celebrations. In time it was marked by drunken orgies, and reversal of social roles. The Lord of Misrule were officers appointed over "Christmas" to preside over the ?Feast of the Fools? until 1431 where they banned this festival.

The Origin of Christmas Tree

The Asheira cult was part of those celebrating Saturn as a harvest god, were recruited by the High Popes of what we've come to know as the Catholic Church, who did sanction the usage of "Trees" within the Christmas festival. Keep in mind that these pagans long before Jesus worshiped trees in the forest, or brought them into their homes to decorate them as a sign of new life. The Church adopted this observance.  

Again I say, Christmas is a lie. There is no Christian church that would come to agree that Jesus was really born on December 25th. December 25th is a day on which Jews have been shamed, tortured, and murdered.  We have come to think that Christmas has become a ?commercial? event. The fact is, it never was not a "commercial" event. We have been lied to. Merging with pagans just to have those, Constantine Christians, keep you happy so the Empire can be happy. All this from the Council of Nicaea. All this in the history books if you truly care to know the truth from the fake ones. What is important? The truth or a blend of paganism?  If you are to celebrate Jesus, then don't blaspheme him. END QUOTE

T H E    S E R I O U S     S O C I O L O G I C A L   P R O B L E M


The final straw, which motivated the creation of this web site, came when the author of this site was consulted by personal acquaintance, who was a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer.  DFCS (The Department of Family & Children Services) had actually been called, in regard to a "single mother" of 3 children.  The complaint? She did not observe "Christmas". And this was "interpreted" as a valid complaint of "Child Abuse", by the "Christmas-keeping" decision-maker at DFCS.  

These kinds of "charges" are usually filed by "disgruntled" Christmas-keeping family members, angry over non-compliance involving "Christmas", or perhaps using the issue as a "tool" to persecute and punish an ex-spouse, or challenge their custody of children in a divorce or separation.  The U.S. family court system, almost universally, will give preference to the "Christmas" parent, and sometimes in place of that, the extended family member, who keeps "Christmas". (And for no other reason, than that they observe "Christmas") They may be completely incompetent as a "parent", but "Christmas" will openly be given the legal preference, in "court".

Upon investigating the above mentioned case, the CASA worker, found there were no other major unresolvable infractions, that rendered this mother  an "unfit" mother. So this case came down to the predominance of social opinion, in this region of the country, that failure to observe "Christmas", was the legal equivalent of "Parental negligence" and "Child Abuse".(In a country where "religious freedom" is supposed to be, a constitutional right)

Around roughly this same time, although living in a different state, a local news reporter, actually gave a news report about a local Mother, being "investigated" for "Child Abuse", and one of the reasons being cited by this local reporter, was again, "failure to observe Christmas".  It became "clear" at that point, a "weed" was "growing" (out of control) in the garden of American democracy.

These were in fact attempts, to strip civil rights, guaranteed in the US Constitution's 1st Amendment, away from American citizens. And in both cases, the targets of these despicable, yet fully authorized Un-American legal actions, were poor, and vulnerable.  In "family court" systems, "Constitutional rights" are  as legal policy, "set aside". So once again, there is no "recourse" to these policies, other than at least some minimum public awareness, about "Christmas".

It became clear at that point, that the public needed to be forced to look at this issue, whether they wanted to hear about it or not, because ignorant zealotry, had seized the minds of misinformed people, saturated in all levels of U.S. government.  And they had no conscience about abusing their power to enforce their own, misled and misinformed theology, on helpless victims in the American public.

They were also using government power to literally rip-apart and destroy families, over "Christmas".  All the while claiming, at the very same time, "Christmas" was "all about family". (And that too, is A LIE)

Upon researching this subject, it was discovered that the policy of the Roman empire to strip parents of custody of their children and award them to state assigned parents for "theological reasons", has had a very very long history, reaching all the way back into the middle-ages.

The most frequent target of this despicable behavior, came in the confiscation of Jewish children, which were literally stripped from their mother's arms, and given to "Catholic" families, to be raised, as "Catholics".(So this behavior by the government, was actually nothing new).  Jews did not suffer that treatment alone. Anything that did not conform to the "theology" of the Roman empire, suffered the same consequence, including any who rejected "Christmas" (as the "Jews"). It is entirely possible that some of these objectors were simply labeled "secret Jews" as a form of derision, and to publicly invalidate their claim, to be "Christian". 

So while this was not a "new practice", what WAS "new", was that this abominable medieval practice (straight from the Dark Ages) was being revived (by the "religious-right") in the United States of America, against minority faith, "Christians". Once again, ...over nothing more than the practice of "Christmas".

Thankfully, the assistance offered to the CASA worker, and the CASA worker's sympathy with both her rights, and her cause, resulted in the Mother successfully defending her own "fitness as a Mother" in the DFCS court, despite the fact she did not observe "Christmas".  But it became painfully clear, this was probably not the case, everywhere else, this may have happened.

"Christmas" was being used, and possibly still is in some places, as grounds for either overt legal charges, or as a hidden motive, for abuse of power, by government bureaucrats to persecute and destroy, non-Christmas keeping families. And the people doing these nasty things behind the scenes, are the ones who should be on "TV", under suspicion of the legal charge of "abuse of power", for their actions.

If you are going to start stripping away children from parents over "Christmas" then it is time, everyone in America got an earful of why no one in America, should observe the "God-damned" holiday. (And that phrase, is being used intentionally, in the full theological sense of the phrase, not as a "curse word") But rather because it has in fact, been fully and truthfully "Damned", by God. And the people, doing these despicable things, to poor innocent defenseless mothers and "Children" to do nothing more than promote their right-wing "political agendas", ...have been as well.

But it turns out, that that is not all the destruction, being done to families over "Christmas". The destruction of the family in American society, has steadily risen in direct proportion, to its incorporation of "Christmas" as a "family" occasion. The graph lines, grow in direct proportion to one another. And there are some solid sociological reasons why, this would be expected, to be the case. Rather than all the PR images, promoted by "Christmas" propagandists, about "family" and "Christmas".





There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. 

Surprisingly, the truth is, that more destruction is brought upon the family unit, through the practice of Christmas, than at any other time of the year. This is not simply an anecdotal observation. It is a matter of statistical evidence.

Because of all the "propaganda" produced to promote "Christmas", most people are painfully unaware, that for their "family unit", Christmas is the most dangerous time of the year.  More destruction will be wrought upon their families, at Christmas, than any other time of the year. 

Millions of families will be needlessly destroyed, during this time. Why is this the case, despite the propaganda?  It's actually "built into" the practices, surrounding this supposed "holy day". 

So not only do the individual statistics on divorce, "light up" at Christmas time, so do all the things that "cause" divorce. Outside of just basic, innate personal incompatibility, resulting from a bad choice in a partner, there are 5 causes cited by marriage counselors. 

Of these 5, 4 are natural consequences of activities associated with the "Christmas" season. (1) Infidelity (2) Money (3) Emotional Conflicts and (4) Addiction. All exacerbated by social demand, for "Christmas" celebrations, which engage all 4, as part of it's yearly "cultural" rituals.  

From excessive binge drinking, to over-spending, to emotional conflict to the loosening of sexual social norms, it's all present, leading one "Divorce" statistical source, to call it "a land mine", for marital relationships.

If you "love your family" and want to "keep it together", skip "Christmas". And warn those, who do not know any better, what they are risking in this practice.

"Christmas"produces exactly the "opposite" of what the "Christmas propaganda" promises. It destroys millions of families every year.  This year, might be yours.  Is "Christmas" really more important to you, than the safety and welfare of even your own family?  If so, then you are probably not a "fit" parent, by definition. 

And yet, what would the "Christmas" cabal in America do, if based on this hard evidence, DFCS decided to start ripping away children from "Christmas" keeping parents? (Simply because they observed "Christmas"?)  ??  Instead of the unjustified practice, that is currently conducted, against "Non-Christmas" parents, in our "family court" system today?? What would they do, if the situation were reversed?

T H E    S E R I O U S      E N V I R O N M E N T A L    P R O B L E M


This is actually not a "controversial statement" to people aware of "climate science". Why? Because they are familiar with the logistics of how it is being done, (and it is being done).  There is no debate among "Scientists" that humans are impacting the environment in dangerously negative ways at this moment in history. No debate. That question has been resolved, and it is unquestionably, in the affirmative. According to "the facts".

Another "fact" that has "emerged", from this scientific research into "climate", is that "carbon dioxide" (produced by "fossil fuel emissions")  is the largest major human based contributor, to that negative "impact".  And thus, guess what time of year these emissions surge to annual highs, for the entire year? If you said "Christmas" the answer would be correct. And it is not coming just through massively increased automobile emissions, it is coming through the waste-by products of "wrapping paper", downed trees & tree disposal (burning), plastics production, and electricity for massively indulgent "lighting displays". Pretty much everything that is done "at Christmas". No other time of year, does as much damage to the environment, and contributes to "global warming" as does "Christmas". Nothing else, comes even close.  4 Billion dollars (every year) are spent on polluting the environment, and driving up global temperatures, without regard to any environmental consequence.

But there are a lot of "religious people" who have been "trained" to "ignore facts", because the only way they could continue "to believe" in their "version" of some "religious doctrine" would be to learn how to "completely ignore facts".  And believe it or not, that is actually a very important and famous "teaching" among "Christmas" clergy, who have "lying spirits".  They intentionally indoctrinate their religious audiences, into intellectual mechanisms, that are intentionally designed to "protect" the lies, they have been told. No matter how factually "false" those lies, clearly are.

Naturally, if you "reject" the idea of "self-evident truth", written into the "Declaration of Independence", of the United States, you probably won't even admit to the fact, something, is in fact "destroying the planet".  You will be filled with disinformation and "Talking Points Memos" to deny the fact, anything is even happening, at all. Or that it has anything to do with "humanity".


And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, ...and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth

Often these denials are made, referencing theological or religious reasons. But ironically, it is precisely the "theology" of the Scriptures, that not only prophesied these events, but directly connected them to "human behavior". So that "excuse" is entirely in error, and constitutes just another "LIE" told by "Christmas" clergy, to victimize their audiences, for political or financial gain.

In fact, the warning of God's final judgement, on humanity, will be in regard to how they were stewards of the earth, they were given, on which to live.

T H E    S E R I O U S    F I N A N C I A L    P R O B L E M

Mat 6:23 - 24 

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. 




Conspicuous consumption is the spending of money on and the acquiring of luxury goods and services to publicly display economic power of the income or of the accumulated wealth of the buyer. Wikipedia


Expenditure on or consumption of luxuries on a lavish scale in an attempt to enhance one's prestige. – Definition from Oxford Languages



No one is more zealous about Christmas, than those who serve mammon. Because sociologically speaking, Christmas is not about God. It is about money. Christmas is an exercise in materialism and conspicuous consumption.

That means throwing money around to enhance social prestige. And of course, the only ones really capable of that activity are the wealthy. So generally speaking, the wealthy, are very much in favor of this activity, because it is beneficial to them.

The poor however are mercilessly punished by the same holiday. They have to endure their children getting little. The children go to school and tell each other what they got. And by extension, the principle of conspicuous consumption, is enforced among children. Many children grow up with deep scars from these experiences.




To assist in making sure “Christmas” is not impugned despite it’s emphasis on conspicuous consumption, programs like “Toys for Tots” employ government workers in the military, to “hand out toys” for “poor children”. 

But nobody in the Marines, is passing out “Truth for Tots”.

And this activity, which still reaches only a fraction of children who are poor, is still humiliating to “impoverished” parents, despite the “toys” their children receive.

And of course, every event is always covered by media pools, with video and photographers, so that Christmas propagandists, receive their reward… in complete disobedience to Christ.

"CHRIST" called "CHRISTMAS P.R." giving, the work of "Hypocrites"

Mat 6:1 - 4

On Giving to the Needy 

And take care not to practice your righteousness before people to be seen by them; otherwise you have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Therefore whenever you practice charitable giving, do not sound a trumpet in front of you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, in order that they may be praised by people. Truly I say to you, they have received their reward in full!  But you, when you practice charitable giving, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, in order that your charitable giving may be in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you. – LEB



Rom 13:8 

Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. 


“Consumer debt” is one of the biggest problems in the world of personal finance. There is a lot of information on the negative consequences of debt. One such article lists the following 9 consequences of debt. (1) You spend more than you can afford. (2) Debt costs money.(Interest eats into wealth) (3) Debt borrows from your future income. (4) High interest debt causes you to pay more than the item costs. (5) Debt keeps you from reaching your financial goals. (6) Debt can keep you from owning a home. (7) Debt can lead to stress and serious medical conditions. (8) Debt can hurt your marriage. (9) Debt hurts your credit score.


Unfortunately, because the financial practices associated with Christmas require large consumer purchasing every year, at a specific time of year, no matter what is happening economically, many if not most, use “credit” to spend thousands of dollars each year, they have to spend the rest of the year paying for, if they can even afford to do so. Many however, actually cannot.


In 2019, a survey done by the National Retail Federation showed that Christmas shoppers planned to spend on average over $1048 dollars per person. If they put this on their credit card and their credit card had a 17% interest rate, and they paid the minimum on their account toward that $1000 dollars, it would take them 5 years to pay off the debt, and would result in an actual payment of $1,625. 



Christmas is one of the most financially dangerous times of the entire year for most families. It translates into an effective “religious tax” obligation they must fulfill, or suffer the consequences, of politics of personal destruction, by Christmas promoters.




The totality of all this “unchristian” or “antichristian” financial behavior is that people by the millions, are shoved into situations in life, that are literally, “out of the will of God”, for their lives. You cannot “serve God”, or “obey him”, or “do his will”, and conform to the financial behaviors required in “Christmas”. Neither, from the giving side of it, nor to the spending side of it. The “financial” fruits of “Christmas” are complete disobedience to “Christ”.


Does it matter?


Mat 7:21

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 



Matthew 7:13 

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
It had been taught by Christ and his Apostles that the "Merchandising" or "Commercialism" of "Religion" was an unconditionally "damnable" offense. 

Meaning something so contrary to a relationship with God, that even it's existence in a person's life, ruled out any possibility of thinking they were "saved", or, that the act itself (without repentance) was sufficient cause for damnation, all on it's own.

It was believed without question by Jews, Christians and Muslims, (for centuries) until Pope Gregory X, needed to raise some money.

Then "God" magically changed his mind. (Or maybe he didn't) In which case, most of our "religious leaders" today, are unconditionally damned, despite their "peer-reviewed" universal "acceptance" of this now popular, but previously, eternally damnable, apostate practice.

- Bishop T.D. Jakes
Interview with CNBC
April 1, 2005

Perhaps Christ didn't realize people bearing his name would one day commercialize religion to such a degree, "God" would be "merchandised" and sold, with less dignity and discretion, than even "toilet paper" and "tampons".  And those who claim to follow Christ, bearing his name, would look to them as their "heroes" of "faith", for how filthy rich, they got themselves, doing it. (But perhaps? He DID! & thus his prophecy [Mt.7:21-23])

One thing is more than certain, "Christmas" religious commercialism is THE BIGGEST "primary offender" of this prohibition on Earth and in human history. (To the tune of 4 Billion dollars a year).  The same prohibition, originally taught by Christ himself, and his Apostles, and understood without question (by all "God-fearing monotheists on earth) for centuries afterwards.

Although turning "God" into a commercial "product" to be "bought and sold" has the full "endorsement" of our national "ministerial class", chances are very slim, Christ ever "changed his mind" (i.e., "repented") , simply because a Pope in Rome, needed some extra cash for his imperial business affairs.

And if Christ didn't (repent), then his verdict still stands, even in regard to our admirable and highly esteemed, national "ministerial class".  The "Broad-way" still leads to "Hell", even for "ministers" of great financial "success" and social esteem.  The only thing that has really changed, is, that we just don't know it anymore.

"CHRISTMAS" is THE BROAD WAY that leads to "Hell"

(If you actually "believe in Christ" at all, it might "matter" to you, to know the truth)

If you think, "going to Hell" is "not a problem", then it would make sense, that you would have "no problem" with "Christmas".  But if you are "trusting in Christ" because you want to "be saved", then there is no point in "voiding" that hope, to play "Christmas" for the benefit and pleasure of the "new" Roman empire and it's pathologically greed-consumed counter-reformationist "preachers". They will not be going to "Hell" FOR YOU, despite having, already taken you there, theologically.


T H E   S E R I O U S   E P I S T E M O L O G I C A L   P R O B L E M

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.




But most "Ministers" do not serve Christ, they serve themselves, your money





To the millions of Jews who suffered the greatest holocausts in history 
throughout the longest periods of the ages
Because they remained faithful and refused to bow their knee 
to the Idol, of an evil Empire, intent on their extermination

To the ancient Arabs 
Who became the world's first Muslims
after realizing
they were being asked to lie
when translating the New Testament
Into Arabic for Rome
And refused to bow their knee to those lies,

To the millions of medieval Catholics 
who risked and lost their lives 
to bring the truth to the world  
about what Vatican Rome had really done in history
And as a result of their protests,
suffered every manner of injustice, slander, alienation and death
before anyone else ever listened, or cared.

To the millions of subsequent Protestants they birthed
who likewise risked and gave up their lives 
to bring Europe's Great Reformation 
and reset the course of western history 
onto the paths of modern democracy and science

And whose work brought the formation of the Puritans
And the idea of a separation of Church from State.
And the founding, of a United States
And who continued to speak the truth about Christ-mass
for 400 years even while the rest of Europe's Monarchs, 
Offered them only hate and persecution

To America's Pilgrims, who came here to find refuge
from compulsory homage to Rome's Christ-Mass, 
and gave half their number to eternity 
to secure a safe haven for generations to come
And though reviled and mocked by those
who also call them founding fathers and mothers, 
bore a witness in history, that will live as long as America itself

To the founder and pioneers of the American Free Church movement
who preached tirelessly the scriptures day and night
By brush fires, and tents and circuits on horseback, 
warning and teaching against Christ-mass and it's deception.

Who searched the scriptures to rebuild the lost past, 
and discover the truths that had been hidden and extinguished

To the native Americans who suffered and died
because they would not embrace the image of the beast,
and had no knowledge, of the danger of it's coming, 
to their very shores and homes

To the Quakers who knew and taught the truth 
about Rome's Christ-mass
from their earliest beginnings, 
Being the most Christian of all, 
yet not even acknowledged
as Christian brethren

To Harriet Tubman 
who listened to the voice of God
and struck during Christ-Mass, 
while men were drunk pretending to honor Christ,
to bring freedom to slaves 
who were being forced to pay homage
to Rome's Idol,
in the shackles of their slavery
In the American deep south 
over run with Valladolid Catholicism

And to all African-Americans who lost their lives and freedom 
to the Jesuit slave-traders of Christ-mass 
who brought their policy of religious compulsion, to the new world.

Who as slaves, had to struggle for generations
against a perverted demonic theology,
Created by their oppressors,
To justify their own filth and sin.
while denying the lives,  freedom, and even humanity itself
To their helpless victims.

To the faithfulness of the Protestant sects, 
who bore the shame and abuse of being castigated as cults, 
as were the so-called "heretics" of Rome's past

Who have had their own children taken from them in court cases, 
Who have lost their jobs, their families, and their homes, 
and have had their legal status as fellow Americans forsaken
Simply because they refused to join in the Christmas lie, 
While the entire Christian world, became their accusers

To the Scots, and the Presbyterian Reformed
who still speak the truth about this deception to this very day,
Though forsaken and mocked by their own fellow Presbyterians
and even ministers .

Ministers who are today's False prophets, 
who have sold out their heritage, it's truth, and their own forefathers, 
who would rather worship the Devil, 
Than inconvenience themselves.

To the southern fundamentalists 
in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Carolina 
and all the other southern states

Who love their Bibles and their God, 
more than the praises of fellow Valladolid southerners
And who stand against the false claims 
of Rome's Christ-mass in the Bible belt, 

Bearing inexcusable abuse and injustice
From ignorant zealots and profane ministers, 
in their own communities and hometowns.

To the thousands of Protesters,  who died in Spain, 
suffering one of the greatest genocides in history 
for refusing to bow their knee 
to the Image of the same beast
that devoured them, into extinction.

To the thousands who disappeared in Latin America, 
and are still missing to this day, at the hands of their religious death squads.

To even the Atheists who stood against the compulsion of Rome's Christ-Mass
As unconstitutional in America
And suffered the hate and slander and accusations from 
the very people who should have, instead, been shaking their hand for the favor

and thanking them for their service,
when no one with a either a Bible or a History book, 
could be found either patriotic or pious enough, to do it.

To the child who says courageously he knows there is no Santa,
To the parent who decides to no longer to lie.

And to all those to come, who will speak the truth about Rome's compulsion over Christ-Mass, 
until Rome and it's deception are no more, or the world ends as we know it.

You are welcome here, 
your sacrifices are remembered here, 
and you are thanked for your service to both God and man 
on behalf of the truth
and it's freedom to be heard, known and loved.

And to the hope that one day 
there really will be peace on earth, and goodwill to men,
When religious compulsion is no longer practiced 
because all on earth have realized that no religion is worth faith
until it has been chosen because it is true

And every religion which humanity still then believes, 
is the result of a choice based on that truth.
Not a lie that has been simply accepted, 
because of unjust earthly gifts of bribery, 
institutional deceit, and the threat of force, or death. 

Peace on earth, goodwill toward men,
the truth, instead of the lie.

THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's bigger than you think !