THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's Bigger Than You Think




The term "Christmas" along with all the other things that are said loudly, publicly, dogmatically, violently and incessantly ...and with the assistence of 4 billion dollars a year in "commercial" promotions rank this "holy day", as the loudest of the entire year. Beginning now even before Americans finish their last piece of Turkey on Thanksgiving, the promotions for "Christmas" begin. Why so much effort? Why is the tone so loud that it literally drowns everything else out? Why is it promoted to the point of "compulsion"? The answer to these questions are shocking, and not at all what you have been told, neither as an American, nor as a "Christian". Virtually everything you have been told, (and subjected too) is pure "propaganda" and "disinformation".  In fact, this day of Imperial "sun-worship" from ancient Rome's "golden days" of absolutist medieval fascist dictatorship are being intentionally "restored" in America, for precisely it's same ancient function, not religion, but control.  And "control" is simply put, the overly nice word for it.  In political terms, it might be called fascist dictatorship, in theological terms, it is simply called demonic.  Naturally, it wraps itself in layers upon layers of flags and Jesus statues, buttons and bumper stickers, to sucker it's primary obstacle into it's own ranks, (& unfortunately it has worked).  Rome's "solar-mass" to a deity identified in the Bible as "Apollyon" is not now, nor has it ever been a "Christ" mass.  And no Protestant in history ever called it that without cringing, some fearing even speaking the title itself to be an act of "blasphemy".  The real origin and meaning of Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon, even troubled Latin fathers, who also denounced it's ritual, fraudulently conducted "in the name of Christ".


I became a sun-worshipper. Several reasons. First of all, I can see the sun, okay? Unlike some other gods I could mention, I can actually see the sun. I'm big on that. If I can see something, I don't know, it kind of helps the credibility along, you know? So everyday I can see the sun, as it gives me everything I need; heat, light, food, flowers in the park, reflections on the lake, an occasional skin cancer, but hey. At least there are no crucifixions, and we're not setting people on fire simply because they don't agree with us. - GEORGE CARLIN




BETWEEN 65-95 A.D., a prophecy was penned which would later become part of the New Testament.  The prophecy is so specific and umistakable, it specifies a single person, by name, who would be one of the most powerful men in the world 300 years before a person of this exact and specific name appears in history FULFILLING over 40 descriptions of his activity and identity, beyond all odds.  No other world figure of this description in the history of humanity has had this name, and he was the overseer of one of the most powerful legal instruments ever created in western civilization, and most Americans, (and most Christians) have never heard of any of this!  This is what they will not tell you in school because of politics, and they will not tell you in Church because of something called apostacy.  
(Literally, no anagrams, no fancy tricks, no mumbo jumbo, 666 Literally)

And he's the NICOLAITAN Rome selected bearing this name as IT'S POPE fully knowing it's significance in Revelation

Rev 2:6,7  ...thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; 
To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God. 

And then instituted the Solar Libation to  Apollyon at Rome's Shrine of the Wolf

Rev 9:11  And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. 

Created an Idol of Apollo he called "Christ"

And made it's worship, compulsory Roman Imperial Law throughout the Empire by the Theodosian II Codex
Rev 13:15  And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 

Without which no one was allowed to do any buying or selling, resulting in the complete extermination of the family of Christ

Unless they were willing to RECEIVE HIS MARK
Rev 13:16,17  And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

And included the "miracle of fire from heaven" which began appearing around this time in Jerusalem.
Rev 13:13,14  And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles

The same "IMAGE" which the "Religious-Right" now wishes to "enforce" THE WORSHIP OF, through compulsion of LAW ON THE ENTIRE COUNTRY in America.

And for whom, they wish to take everyone else's "religious freedom" away, despite our Constitution!

That the Christian public now because of either the deceit, laziness or ignorance of their own ministers, 
(in full betrayal of the Christ they claim to follow) now erroneously call a"Christ" mass !!!


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This site will PAY YOU $100 to find a single instance of another world ruler with literally the name of 3 sixes, (in any language, on any continent, at any time in history) having occured at any time in the entire history of the human race.  Just one and you get $100.oo.  This should be AN EASY $100.oo, if what they have told you about Christmas is TRUE.

On the other hand, if you cannot...
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The warning, given 25 years ago, came at the moment Pat Robertson and other radio and television evangelists began speaking about a new political religion that would direct its efforts toward taking control of all institutions, including mainstream denominations and the government. Its stated goal was to use the United States to create a global Christian empire. This call for fundamentalists and evangelicals to take political power was a radical and ominous mutation of traditional Christianity. It was hard, at the time, to take such fantastic rhetoric seriously, especially given the buffoonish quality of those who expounded it. But Adams warned us against the blindness caused by intellectual snobbery. The Nazis, he said, were not going to return with swastikas and brown shirts. Their ideological inheritors had found a mask for fascism in the pages of the Bible. 

- Chris Hedges, The Rise of Christian Fascism and Its Threat to American Democracy


"Integration and equality are myths; they disguise a new segregation and a new equality...
Every social order institutes its own program of separation or segregation. 
A particular faith and morality is given privileged status and all else is separated for progressive elimination." 
-- R.J. Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law (Nutley, NJ: Craig Press, 1973), p. 296  (See THE RELIGIOUS REICH: Who they are and where they came from?)


Progressive elimination.  How do you genocide a religious group without ever shooting a gun? You target what they are not supposed to do based on their religion, and make it an institutional or government requirement that they do it. It's fairly simple, actually.  Rome does it all over the world. In France for example, Vatican political operatives garnered support to use government compulsion to strip scarfs off the heads of Muslim women making it illegal for any woman in France to wear a Burka, of any kind, even the more moderate open faced ones. Since in France, Muslims are unpopular, it was an easy victory, even though ethically, an abominable one. FRANCE'S BURQA BAN: WOMEN ARE EFFECTIVELY UNDER HOUSE ARREST

The Muslim religion of course, requires women to cover their heads when going out in public, so what Catholic France has effectively done, is pass a "progressive elimination" law against Muslims in their country (which used to be an enlightened "western democracy").  In Denmark, a school attempted to pass a rule it's students were required to "eat pork".DANISH SCHOOL FINED FOR FORCING MUSLIMS TO EAT PORK

Rome has been "progressively eliminating" real PROTESTANT/EVANGELICALISM for centuries in America. Repeatedly violating our US Constitution to use "government" to INSTITUTIONALIZE policies of "progressive elimination" while America's PROTESTANT/EVANGELICAL ministers either stood by silently or worked cooperatively with, to undermine our own country and it's freedoms. 

And it has been these kinds of shenanigans that Rome has been encouraging, sponsoring and pulling off internationally, through the glove of "Western society" and sometimes even America's own CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ,(that illegally merged it's operations with the Vatican), that has led to so much anger in the Muslim world, it has begun to spill over onto our shores.  And that is a statement that is always buried under loud protests by imposture "conservatives", so people are afraid to actually hear it, and consider what it might mean for them, and their "religious-freedom", next on the "hit list".  And our "freedoms" are now being chiseled away one by one to create a "Catholic State" similar to those right-wing dictatorships already found throughout Latin America.  

Hitler worked his way up the food chain, beginning with the least popular first.  He eventually got around to everyone, even Catholic priests, and the same thing has happened to Catholic priests in Latin America, where right-wing dictatorships serve as puppet states for the Vatican, and right-wing death squads roam the streets killing dissenters, Protestants, Ministers and "liberal Catholic priests".  The people doing these very same things in our world today, have literally, their historical roots in World War II Nazi/Vatican/Holy Roman Empire political ideology.  These are in fact, "left-over Nazis", we have now handed over control of, first the GOP, then our CIA, and then finally the United States, ...and inexcusably our Protestant/Evangelical Churches and it's leadership, over too, and they are doing the same things today, they have always done before.  "PROTESTANT" is not an option for Biblical Christianity. It is a requirement. It is in fact, the very name it was first given, in the Bible itself, and it's work of "REFORMATION" the Biblical mission of the New Testament itself (from whence came these terms to begin with). And in civil terms, "Protestant/Evangelical" is the only theological heritage able to "salt" the "earth" with the founding father's Biblical New Testament vision of separation of Church and State, one which they were all equally committed to until the advent of the RELIGIOUS REICH

Now here in America, in keeping with Rome's behavior everywhere else, there is a drive underway by these same people to "force" people to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in order to "keep their jobs", feed their families and simply live in PEACE or go about their private business (at Christmas time). This time, the target isn't Muslims, although they stand to be indirectly impacted as well.  It's mostly Jews and PROTESTANT/EVANGELICAL Christians they have "targeted" for "elimination".  Their "religion" being the primary "target" of this action. 

These are not Atheists.  While some Atheists rightfully find forced religious compulsion and confession offensive, famous Atheists have publicly explained they do not care. Nor gays, Nor liberal commies.  No not at all.  These labels are mouthed in TV interviews, to cover the real target which is never mentioned. The "target" are the few remaining faithful Protestant/Evangelicals left in America (and Jews).  The same people TARGETED by the Government in the familiar "Christmas" propaganda, Scrooge and Grinch, which were created to publicly demonize, marginalize and subhumanize... America's own indigenous Protestant/Evangelical faiths (By showing how much better it was for SCROOGE to pray to demons and enjoy "Christmas") And Grinch written by a German-American immediately after WW2 (no less) to stigmatize Jews. His subhumanization labels are offered on national TV without fail or apology in discussions engaging Jews over THE RELIGIOUS REICH desire for compulsory laws, policies and enforcement actions.

Although comedians have taken up the cause, there is nothing funny about what Rome is up to in our country and it is very real... and very dangerous. Denials there is no "War on Christmas" conceal the very real truth, there is a "Christmas War", and Americans of Protestant, Jewish and Muslim faiths have been made it's direct target...along with indirectly all other religious and philosophical minorities in the United States, of every other kind. 

And while Rome and it's political operatives are now screaming foul over laws that require their multi-billion dollar business ventures in the U.S. (subsidized by 1.3 billion dollars a year in "free" Tax Payer "grants" to "Catholic Charities" given by largely Protestant tax payers), to do as everyone else in America, and provide standard health insurance (because someone in their vast financial empire might get a birth control pill at her doctor's officer), they do not mind the other extreme of enforcing the worship of it's image not only onto all Americans by force, compulsion and deceit, but the entire world with stated intent to take away their religious freedom.  And the English word "hypocrisy" is not sufficiently adequate on it's own, to describe the offense to reason, that this is. (SEE NEWS: "RICK SANTORUM'S VOMIT AND REICH HYPOCRISY")


At one time in America's "Christian" past, virtually nothing on this site was actually news to anyone.  It was common knowledge from the schoolchildren to the preachers, to the Deist politicians in Washington D.C. because America had the freedom to both know these things and speak them openly to one another.  But over time, but due to very direct and concerted efforts, first by America's sun-worshpping Masons, then later by southern Valladolid catholics, this information was made "taboo".  First it was stigmatized, then it was mocked, then it was persecuted, then it was forced into oblivion by policies adopted which institutionalized marginalization, censorship and finally legalized persecution.  "Progressive elimination" had been adopted as official policy against people who knew better than to worship the sun and call it "Christ".  They were "marked".  Quietly, they went underground, went away, and became invisible to our culture. But lies do not last forever.

Today, when the average American (much less "Christian") hears some of these things for the first time, (though they have been around for literally ages in Western Civilization), spoken by Godly men and women of the past, of great stature, some of whom are found to be founding fathers of their own PROTESTANT/EVANGELICAL faiths,  they have one of three responses; (1) Hostility and retribution or (2) Amusement that the vast bulk of common Christians could be so misled (including their leaders) or (3) as a "Christian" who realizes they have been misled, the grief process; (a) Denial (b) Shock (c) Anger (d) Depression (e) Acceptance.  Confused that such important theological truths could have remained so obscure and unknown. It was not by choice.

Mat 5:4  Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. 

This site has been written to address the controversy of compulsory Christmas law that has been called for by FOX NEWS and much of THE RELIGIOUS REICH in America.  The concept and goals of Rome's "Reich" known openly in theology for centuries, will be discussed in further detail in the section "The War", which actually has little to actually do with "Christmas" and everything to do with POLITICAL"Control" and psychological (i.e., spiritual) manipulation.  And that control has ultimately no place for the U.S. Constitution that guarantees Americans freedom from laws of religious compulsion, which is precisely the agenda of those driving "the Christmas war", which is not a "war on Christmas", but a "War on Americans who object to it".  Opposite-speak is a primary political tool to turn this jihad for religious compulsion into the phrase "religious-freedom", which does not mean to them, to be free to have their Christmas.  Quite the opposite.

Mat 5:6  Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. 

It means to them, to be free to fire retail workers from their employers who cannot in good conscience make the Roman "confession of faith", blaspheming both God and Christ without care or concern.  It means freedom to "boycott" and harrass retailers into backruptcy for failure to say exactly and precisely the religious phraseology they wish.  It means freedom to, through acts of institutional compulsion, force children to sing worship songs to their fireball they call "Christ".  And freedom to humiliate, embarrass, harass and threaten anyone who attempts a civil accommodation for people of other faiths in a religiously free country, they wish desperately and speedily to dispose of, no matter what it's laws.  Freedom, they interpret to mean exclusively their own and no one else's.  Freedom to persecute in the company, freedom to bankrupt in commerce, freedom to terminate from employment, freedom to manipulate child custody cases, attack parental rights, label and persecute religious dissenters, and of course, sue any and all into submission.  All of course, over "peace on earth, goodwill toward men", none of which they have. It is not about Christmas. It is about your freedom, freedom as an American to choose your faith, your religious practices and your confessions, whatever they may be.  There is no religious group or religious belief on earth so true and perfect that no others need exist.  And definitely none in this country entitled to be arbitrator of everyone else's freedom.  A legal foundation now currently under a full frontal assault by the Vatican, whose own Judges have already  been intentionally installed on our highest court with a functional monopoly for this very purpose.  Thanks once again, to the filthy deceitful work of these despicable traitorous religious frauds and impostures, who are now America's RELIGIOUS REICH.

Mat 5:7  Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. 

But beyond the very serious political questions of freedom and constitutionalism, is a much more serious issue at stake for those who are Christians, and particularly those who are the descendant Christians of any of America's indigenous Evangelical Free-Church movements from history past. American Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals and Independents.  What use to actually be the "AMERICAN EVANGELICAL" which of course, is not, and is quickly on the road to full and complete self-destruction.  While many Americans might consider this a "good riddance", those who understand the unique role these indigenous religious movements have played in keeping the imperial monopoly away from and out of this country, will  not be so pleased to see what is in progress.  There is a reason America had a consensus of religious freedom that Europe never did.  And there is a reason that parallel to that wild and crazy American religious diversity, there also grew up along side it, out of the very same soil, one of the most scientifically advanced countries on earth.  (And the connection is not incidental (See Video: "Zeitgeist ist für Schwachsinnige - PROGRESS"))  No group of Americans in this society has been victimized more by the disinformation and lies being spread about Christmas than people of historic indigenous Protestant American faiths, and yet these are the very people, a cynical political movement has targeted to use, as a political weapon to promote even more compulsory Christmas laws against their own theological heritages, and even their own Constitutional law.  The greatest damage done is not merely the marginalization of their true historic faiths, but a corruption of their spirituality, and their experience and consciousness of God, which has been collectively lost to achieve these imperial political ends.

Mat 5:8  Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. 

Attacks on freedom, eventually get around to everyone's, no matter who you are, from the scientist to the prophet, to even Rome's very own Priests, all will suffer.  And that is the problem with taking it away from anyone.  And this was a lesson well learned by the founding fathers of America. A lesson they inscribed into the very fabric of our country, and penned into our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The attempt to re-interpret these words with political "opposite-speak" and snuff these values out of public consciousness, by manipulating public opinion with false information, is purposely being engaged in to generate (not "fight" but generate) a "Christmas war" (which they call, "A war on Christmas").  This is designed to enflame uniformed masses to take public mob action through the use of compulsion and force, forcing every dissenter in America to be so marginalized, they either comply or are socially, professionally, personally, legally and financially destroyed. (In order to "protect Freedom").  But the use of the term "Freedom" is actually political "opposite-speak", as it is "Freedom" that is precisely what is being attacked, denounced and demanded be brought to an end.  The Problem is that these same Protestants, as well as most Americans do not know the truth about the theology that is at work behind this activity.  It is a theology that sees no separation between Church and State (particularly the Roman empire) and thus all of the admittedly immoral and unethical activity usually reserved for designated state operatives for matters of "national security", are now conducted by "ministers" and their "followers".  Meaning that lying, cheating, deceiving, seducing, torture and even murder (by any means necessary) is permissible as would be in service to a secular state, for protection of the lives and safety of innocent civilians.  Since however, in this theology, there is no Biblical separation between these roles  (Matt.4:8-10, 22;21), this ethical system is extended to it's religion. (Which sees itself as much of a "State" [a secular power] as the U.S., France or the U.K.)   Protestants not only do not know this is what they are dealing with in these "mixed" formats of "religion & politics", commonly referred to today as "the religious right", it is so alien to their way of thinking about God, they cannot even hardly bring themselves to believe it's really even true out of shock. It is this agenda, and mode of ethical operation, that is driving the need to create a "threat" over "Christmas" to anyone.  These same types of tactics were used in Latin America. All Americans should be free to exercise their religious customs whatever that is, that however does not necessitate that they force everyone else in the country, and on earth to do it too, even against their conscience.  And this is precisely what is being "meant" by "religious freedom" by these people.  Peace on earth should be everyone's goal, and that is not accomplished through religious violence, force and compulsion, even if you are repeating the phrase "PEACE, PEACE" as political "opposite-speak" while you do it.  "Peace" is more than just a slogan you parrot, while you wage war on extinguishing a people's existence.

Mat 5:9  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. 

The RELIGIOUS REICH were/are an outgrowth of pro-Roman (3rd Reich) supporters who were also privately sympathetic of the Nazi movement prior to and after World War II.  They are fundamentally different than most Americans because down at their very political core, they share none of the values of Freedom espoused and protected by this society.  They see "freedom" not as something that needs to be protected, but as the problem, which needs to be "abolished".  They also believe that lying for their "cause" is both moral and good, as long as it benefits the advancement of the empire.  They share the most bizarre trait of being outwardly hyper-religious, yet inwardly both their mind and their ethics are driven by their own reptilian broca-brain stem (which they have confused for "God").  They infiltrated much of America's evangelical community through various "celebrity" Christian leaders and their "para-church" organizations under the pretentious guise of "fighting communism" which many if not most Evangelical and Fundamentalist "Christians" quickly lent them both their support and donations, but whose goals were secretly and primarily political and themselves not only Anti-American but in the real full theological and Biblical sense of the word, Anti-Christ. Ironically, another "opposite-speak" term they actually employed throughout the world to justify any and all forms of unethical deceit, assassination, murder and torture.

They not only rejected the historic PROTESTANT faiths in America that hosted them, but like parasites, openly sabotaged it, and replaced it with a "new version" of Protestantism that was nothing more than a "political base" for the actual Nazification of traditional EVANGELICAL and fundementalist Christian religion in America (and it's real historic political, social and spiritual values).  Their theology was nothing new, in fact it is as old as the New Testament itself, where it is not taught, but soundly condemned as symptomatic of the ethical philosophy, theology and people who actually did serve the real original historic "Antichrist" found written about in the pages of the Bible from the very first century of Christianity and it's real Apostles.  One of the great "smoke and mirrors" parlor tricks this theology engaged in was to use traditional concepts from 19th century pre-millenialism as a social, financial and political gimmik along with intentional disinformation and deceit to intentionally manipulate the financial and political behavior of mass audiences.  In other words, intentionally lying (not accidently, but intentionally), intentionally lying, about "prophecy" to get the right desired political outcomes.  Even eschatology was now defiled, and nothing more than another political tool.  The means always being justified by the ends.

Their work has been tremendously successful once again, as it was before years ago in 1930s Germany and pre-World War 2 FDR America, to the point that now, there has been a movement underway for years, pushed in these same circles, by these same political operatives, that Rome's Solar-mass on December 25th dedicated to the solar-god of the Roman empire, (known among  PROTESTANT  Scholars for centuries as the worship of "the Biblical Apollyon" Rev.9:11) be made compulsory law on everyone in the entire country, in the false guise of "Christ" and America being a "Christian country".  And it was no accident if you believe in divine appointment, that their pinnacle legal act of betrayal to our Constitution came on the very December 7th, (Pearl Habor day), just before 9:11.  December 7th marking the worst attack on American soil, by a foriegn power, in history. 9 Months later, another attack came echoing December 7th. It was also "the worst attack on American soil" surpassing even Pearl Harbor in casualties.  In the smoke of 9:11, was seen the face of this very Apollyon itself (Rev.9:11), by the entire country, to the amazement, curiosity and commentary of secular news reports.  And of course, the "RELIGIOUS REICH " offered all it's typical politicized explanations, none of which had anything to do with the more than obvious... Revelation 9:11.
Rev 9:11  
And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, 
whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. 
(a/k/a Apollo, Born on December 25th in Ancient Rome)

If the deception of these people, were content to exist on it's own, in it's own corner of the universe, minding it's own corrupt business, there would be no problem in saying nothing about it to anyone and leaving it alone to have it's own delusions.  Americans are used to seeing religious kookery and con-artistry, and have learned long ago the freedom that permits this, also permits the truth itself, to live in peace and freedom, and one will not be had without the other.  But when the con-artisty and delusion becomes an empire, and it is an empire that denounces that same freedom to live and let live, and then seeks the compulsion of all others to drink from the same cup of damnation that it is destroying itself with, then it is time something must be said, and something must done, for the sake of both one and all. Their work is a destructive deception and this is the real "revelation" about 9:11.  And it is a deception that is so utterly wicked and deceitful, it has merited the response of this entire web site and it's accompanying video channel to address, which began as nothing more than 2 simple sentences of historical  notation posted on a Wikipedia article, that kept getting continuously and daily mysteriously "deleted" by volunteer RELIGIOUS REICH  "censors" who could not tolerate so much as a single sentence of factual truth in a public domain encyclopedia, to the contrary about their Roman Image, to be worshipped by force. 

Force, violence and compulsion are neither the "fruits of the Spirit", nor the tools with which the real Christ of the Bible has ever been served.  Christ spoke for himself, and his offer was "whosoever will, may come", not whosoever won't will be forced and/or executed.  He said in his own words, his kingdom was "not of this world", if it were his "Servants would fight", but because it wasn't, they would not.  Precisely because it wasn't.  These are basic core truths known and preached for ages among those who do know the real Christ and read the Scriptures.  The same truths THE RELIGIOUS REICH turned a blind eye to for "the kingdoms of this world" and it's real god, an imposture named Apollyon born on December 25th (Rev. 9:11) that demands worship from the whole earth in the "way of Cain".

God himself is now the one "fighting them", fighting them from heaven, revealing his wrath, in the very light of day,  that all men can see, and none can hide. (See VIDEOS: CHRISTMAS WAR: God is the one fighting it)


It might surprise conservatives to discover the very people they see haranguing "global government" on their TV sets, issuing "warnings from Biblical prophecy" are also the same exact people in American religion working to bring it about. These "contradictions" are standard operating procedure for how these things have been done throughout history, and the people doing them in America today, are no different than the people (and their methods) who have done them in the past. Pretending to be one thing, while actually being the other, is as old as the importation of Babylonianism in the Old Testament, where it was done as well. And in Christ's day, where the very same thing was taking place in the face of his condemnations of eternal damnation against it.

Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson and an entire crew of "kindred spirit" religious-reich neo-conservatives routinely get up on America's TV condemning the "coming Antichrist" and his "one world government" while in utter and complete hypocrisy, routinely working behind the scenes in complete cooperation with the very people and agencies working to bring it about.  Never mentioning, not even a single accidental time, the name of the actual and real people behind this work, and their real goals (because they are part of them). But instead offering an entire universe of decoy's and smokescreens to hide and protect their real work and their real identites (which they are in fact, very well, and very deeply, an overt conscious planned "part of") and even to the extent of receiving direct assistance and support.

The term RELIGIOUS REICH is (as defined in the dictionary) what they are.  These are not real "conservatives" anymore than they are "real" Christians.  They are "conservatives" in speech only, but their goals are not conservative, and in no way consistent with the claim they want "smaller government", which is laughable opposite-speak.  In fact, this is opposite-speak employed to promote an agenda of turning America into either a platform, or a puppet-state, for global government out of Rome's Vatican, the largest government on earth, and extending the powers of the American executive beyond not only the reach of congress, but even elections.  in other words, these people are full blown political Mussolini fascists wrapped in Christian garb to pull off one of the most unpatriotic Anti-American frauds in history.  And because they are not real conservatives, they are also found on the opposite side of the Theological-political divide as "liberals" occasionally, though today in America, right now less frequently.  And that fact is determined by purely utilitarian ends. They take the form of "ecumenical" on the left, and Bush "New World Order" conservatives on the right, and are two wings of the same "hateful bird".  They share the same agenda among themselves privately, and simply use the theology systems of their "host organisms" to infiltrate, manipulate and ultimately to deceive American Christians to turn them into the subservient puppets of a New Roman empire with the Vatican, out of Europe, as it's head. A plan that will not in the end succeed today anymore, or any better, than it ever has before.  This road dead-ends in the same place it always has, and always will.  The only thing different is that it has a new batch of suckers to work with.


Much of this will be covered later in the section entitled "THE WAR", but here as a matter of introduction, it will be mentioned that the infamous "CHRISTMAS WAR" that we have grown accustomed to hearing about every year from FOX NEWS and it's host of celebrity Roman-Catholic TV personalities, is entirely a political STUDIO PRODUCTION.  Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and it's cabal of New World Order conservatives that have openly declared their desire to destroy the United States through secessionism, to form a "Christian country" (meaning i.e., a Vatican state) like the ones you see in Latin America, (Where Catholic "right-wing" death squads roam the streets at night to do contract killing on religious dissenters [including even Catholic priests]).  Their program is to use the U.S. as the platform for the Vatican's new Reich, or balkanize America into it's subservient puppet state.  And freedom from compulsory Christmas law, is the "Canary in the coal mine". It is what they consider an "easy target".  It's on their table to be the first thing to go because it's 90% gone already anyway. Most of their work on this issue has already been done. Their final work of compulsion is all that remains, and so now that is where they have turned their efforts on this topic.  But Rome is precisely what millions of Protestants (along with it's own former Catholic priests) have said about it for centuries, who have faithfully warned Europe's leaders throughout history, even at times, when the warnings were not wanted. Worship of Rome's "image" (just as it was prophesied in the texts of Scripture by the Apostles themselves) will always be the grounds for it's inevitable and inescapable genocide of humanity.  A humanity, whose existence it neither values, nor whose freedom it cherishes. And has promised by virtue of openly proclaimed religious confession, to destroy (without apologies).

"False Flag" operations have been used repeatedly at Fox News without conscience.  Attempting to make them have one by mocking them or excusing their detachment from reality in their false offerings as "news", as "stupid", is a vast misunderstanding of what is at work. Several of the reports about "Christmas" were fabricated or inaccurate, but Christmas wasn't the only target. It also used the false threat of "impending Sharia law" which could be imposed on all Americans by a few goat-herding Taliban warlords in Afghanistan any minute (which is about as big a "threat" as currently not being able to buy pork on Saturday?)  Or the "ground zero Mosque" financed by a senior financial partner at Fox News, which also created riots over it on their same News casts (appearantly never realizing they could call their senior financial partner up on a phone?)  All these things were/are designed to create the belief in the public (something must be done!)  We have to IMPOSE BY FORCE our religion on everyone or ELSE !!! POOF !!! The world will end in a deluge of infidels and atheists, and all the good Christian folk of America will be hopelessly adrift in this sea of danger and chaos. (And frankly nothing could be farther from the truth).  Europe had the 100 years wars, not America.  And they had them precisely because there was no separation of Church and State.

On any level, and by any measure you wish to use, Catholic countires today, who enjoy no religious freedom other than to be a Catholic, have as many, and in most cases much worse problems, than America, and nearly any catagorey you wish to choose.  The highest crime rate on earth belongs to Vatican city, Rome, not Nashville, Tennessee.  Abortion rates in Europe's Catholic countries are higher than those in America, and their laws are virtually no different, for better or worse, but they are Catholic countries.

The term RELIGIOUS REICH is an important term to use to describe these operatives, because they are not real "conservatives".  They have hi-jacked conservatism and made it their own personal vehicle for the sabotage of America, but since they are liars with no convictions other than power, than could just as easily hi-jack any group on earth and do the same thing.  They just happen to be there (as opposed to somewhere else) at the moment.  They are "conservatives" in speech only, but their goals are not conservative, and in no way consistent with the claim they want "smaller government". Their religion is just as useless and hypocritical.

(Canaanites in the land)

The term "Reich" is a German term that means literally "Rich", but was used to mean THE EMPIRE.  The idea of a Plutocracy was inevitably bound with the idea of THE REICH, and thus why the terms were interchangable.  If you look up the term "Canaanite" you will find that one of the interesting things about it's etymological history was that it was used interchangeably as a euphemism for a "Merchant".  Apparently, because they were known for "selling everything and anything" from children, to sex, to religion.  It is not without accident that THE RELIGIOUS REICH shares this trait in common with it's ancient spiritual ancestors, as well as the historical traits the Canaanites were known for in the Scripture.  One of the primary goals of THE RELIGIOUS REICH has been the institutionalization of compulsory worship of it's "image" which it falsely calls "Jesus" or "Christ", but which is nothing more than an Icon of the Roman State, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Christ of the Bible, and certainly nothing to do with either it's Judaism or the indigenous American historic Protestant Christianity they wish to "eliminate" by any means necessary.  Much of the demand for compulsory worship of Rome's image, has been on the basis of two arguments; Americanism and Christianity.  While the contents of this site will contain important information for all Americans concerned about this issue whether they be traditional monotheists, Jewish, Christian or Muslim, or even alternative belief systems, including Atheist, Agnostic, or Pagan.  Anyone who believes in preserving America's freedom from religious compulsion in America, will find much information herein useful.  But because the core of the argument by THE RELIGIOUS REICH has been their Monopoly claim on Christianity, and American history, so it will be at these two points much of the information on this site will be focused, demonstrating that compulsory Christmas laws are neither, and exposing the danger, from both of these perspectives, mandatory and compulsory Christmas laws pose to all Americans, or any citizens within any country on earth. Because many of the leadership of THE RELIGIOUS REICH in America are of the self-proclaimed PROTESTANT or EVANGELICAL tradition, which they are in fact, in full betrayal of, in their jihad for compulsory Christmas law, historical arguments from the Christian Scriptures concerning this subject will be examined in depth.  This is not meant in any way to minimize the importance of other religions or belief systems which are threatened by such laws of compulsion, and some of these arguments will be found to be disagreeable from these perspectives, obviously because they ARE different perspectives.  The ultimate purpose however in making these disagreeable arguments, is to win freedom for all, which is the promise of America's original founding fathers, who were here to escape Christmas, not force an entire country of free and diverse views, to offer it worship through legal compulsion and unethical and immoral persecution.

Mat 5:10-12  Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. 


A great deal of research has been done since this web site first began years ago.  The more information that has been compiled about this subject, the more shocking, the truths about this ritual have grown to be in both quantity and nature.  The information now contained on this web site reflect but a small fraction of material that has been now collected, and will slowly be incorporated into the site over time, as actually the entire site is probably due a major over-haul.  But with this last note to the reader of this section, it shall suffice here to say there is a reason over 4 billion dollars a year is spent on promoting this ritual in our society.  The bigger the lie, the more work it takes to tell it, and actually 4 billion dollars a year is not even anywhere close to what is needed to tell this lie.  If you spent the national treasury, this lie would still be under-funded.  Of course, the concern over it's real nature is just as big.  As you cruise through the rest of the site, you will begin to see just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully it's enough to get any honest person interested in researching this topic, to see the beginning of what they are dealing with, when confronting the horrific, inexcusable and dangerous deception being spread by this popular lie.

Mat 5:13-15  
Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men. 
Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. 
Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. 

And that is why this site was created.
It's the gospel truth.

(Will not be here, despite our open invitation to give them a $100 dollar bill)

Whenever you present truth that contradicts a liar, the liar will always cry foul over a technicality, because he knows he's been caught.  That is why criminal defense attorneys will defend clients, who are caught red-handed as murderers, with any technicality possible no matter how minute it may be, in procedure, to entirely avoid the consequence of the law for their guilty client.  This web site is a very small contribution to "the truth" about Rome's Solar-mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass.  It is not the "source" of any information about this topic, which have been simply reproduced for the public.  The things on this site have been repeatedly said and pointed out for literally hundreds of years by literally hundreds of thousands of Protestants from days gone by. And nothing is needed to verify most of the claims on this site, made by these forefathers of faith and country, than common observation of current practices and a Bible to look them up in and find the text.

To supplement that simple act,... visuals, pictures, and historical backgrounds are collected and placed alongside these texts to further illustrate what they for the most part plainly say.  But the primary reference for this entire site, is not Professor Poobrain Ph.D., or a senior Dr. A. John at Naughty Dame University, or a"Cretin Celebrity", or any "books" they may have singularly written, but the Scriptures, available to all, accessable to all, and free to all.  The references for every text of scripture on this site is given with the text.  The other material is widely available on the internet to the general public, and has been simply collected here and put together in one place.  If you are a "serious scholar", then most of this you should already know and shame on you if you do not. If you don't, don't complain all the academic work for you hasn't been done already on this site, so you can copy and paste it, and sell it as a book, with your name on it to make some money.  Go do you own homework.

This site is for the general public. Specifically, for those of American backgrounds and Christian persuasions because these are the ones being targeted by an aggressive campaign to nullify their own Constitution over this issue by liars and frauds who call themselves "preachers" in America, but are nothing more than political operatives and commercial opportunists.  For the general public reading this note, you need not be deterred in the lest over claims by these political operatives and commercial opportunists that some technicality on this web site is not technically or precisely the way they prefer. They routinely accept garbage from sources not nearly as well documented as this site, precisely because they "agree with it" (meaning it is "agreeable with them"), and this is not. So what.  Do you really think a liar and a con artist would ever change just because of some "truth" on an internet web site?  No, of course not.  They will simply lawyer-lie their way through their "conviction" until they get a "not guilty verdict" from you.  Never addressing the real guilt of the crime, but instead solely focused on a minutia of technicalities that are for the most part completely irrelevant to the question of moral guilt. Do not be deceived. You are the juror. In this court of public opinion, the question is whether it is or is not, true, not "professional technicalities" to lawyer-lie a criminal into an acquittal.  In God's court in heaven we all stand convicted, but those who have received a love of the truth will repent, and be saved from the great delusion. The professional lawyer-liar however who absolves their own guilt by charging the innocent with their own crime smothered in technicalities, will be another story, entirely.

It is always possible to argue water is not really wet, and there are reasons that are offered that show on one level or another, one perspective or another, this could be "true".  But in the normal conversations of how these things are meant, it is obviously clear when one says water, they mean something wet, and it is dishonesty to pretend otherwise.  if you do not want the truth, any lie will suffice, and if you do love the truth, no lie will do, and any and all truth, no matter the humility of it's source, will be appreciated.  And those two perspectives are easily seen in the way this site and it's content are described.  There is nothing that can be done about it.  This truth about human nature has existed since the time of John the Baptist and Christ who both were charged with being the same kind of unreliable "unofficial source" for information. (which of course has absolutely nothing to do with whether it was true or not) Matthew 23:21-27

If a dog barks, and wakes you up in the middle of your house burning down and saves your life from the fire, the last thing you will complain about is that he is just a dog, or his opinion of the danger was "unofficial" as he was not an "official spokesperson" for the fire department.  You will be thankful you were spared from the fire. Advice to the Professional Critic here:  Consider this to be your barking dog. Your house is on fire.

Job 15:34  For the congregation of hypocrites shall be desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery. (KJV)

Job 17:8  Upright men shall be astonied at this, and the innocent shall stir up himself against the hypocrite. (KJV)

Jer 10:21  For the pastors have become stupid, and they have not sought Jehovah. Therefore, they shall not be blessed, and all their flock shall be scattered. (LITV)




Mat 16:23-26  But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men. 

In all probability, "your minister" is the servant of Satan.  That's quite an opening statement of course, and while it may seem a bit harsh, there will be several pages following with thousands of pieces of information on each page demonstrating that no only is your "Christmas" minister lying to you, but he knows he is doing it, and chooses to do it rather than suffer the consequences of telling the truth.  There is a reason he has no problem with you setting your child in the lap of a big fat shaggy Roman satyr who "winks" and encourages everyone from the parents to the news people to take part in his "lie" to the most vulnerable and innocent of our society, who deserve our most respect for honesty, not the least.  

Mat 23:31-33  

Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophetsFill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell

There is a reason your minister has no problem with all the deceit used to propagate Rome's Solar-Mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass, because he's a deceiver too.  And the more "important" this ritual is to him, despite it's deceit, the bigger deceiver he is. There is a reason he has no problem lying about tree worship, it's origin, it's continued practice, it's demonic efficacy, it's condemnation in the Scriptures as the practice of apostates and those who "do secretly those things which are not right in the sight of the Lord", because he's doing them too.  He's the one the text is speaking about.  And there is a reason that your minister will never tell you the name of the man who "instituted" Rome's solar-mass to Apollyon as a "Christ" mass, that it was literally 666, and he was of those the Scriptures spoke about having "the spirit of the Antichrist", because he too calls that same "spirit" his "kindred spirit", those people his "brethren in Christ", and it's solar-deity from ancient Rome, his "Christ".  And the people who issued orders to have the entire family of the real Christ exterminated, he calls those his "fathers".  And in doing all these things, at least according the Scriptures in no  uncertain terms, he is the minister of Satan.


Mat 23:15,26  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves. ...For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

There is a reason "Christianity" in America has become so vile, sick and anemic and it has absolutely nothing to do with what everyone else is doing. It has nothing to do with "liberals", "godless atheists" or the allegedly evil "secular humanist". It has to do with our own "ministers".  Christ said "get the beam out of your own eye first", which like everything else they preach today, now as they explain it, means exactly opposite. (Worry about the beam in everyone elses eye first).  

America has not seen a REAL evangelism movement in probably a century.  Ministers today do not even know what they are doing spiritually anymore.  They have become "drunk" with blasphemy.  Our average minister today actually thinks because he sits everyone up under a tower of Babel, on the day of Rome's solar-mass, and ask them to "accept " Jeeezus into their "Solar-plexus" through a magic incantation he has thus "converted them" into "born-again" "Christians".

 But in reality they have done nothing more than make them "inflamed" modern Roman empire sycophants ready to "march into battle" and support all of the various often petty non-scriptural political agendas of the new Roman Reich. They think they have somehow "evangelized' someone, and nothing could be further from the truth.  They simply made them "twice the son of hell" precisely as Christ spoke about the Pharisees (and for precisely the same reasons).  


Luk 13:3  I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

Historic evangelicalism always began with REPENTANCE, and in fact, never included any manipulations of one's "solar-plexus" through incantations to "become a Christian".  Yes, they argued among themselves about whether you repented and got baptized, or you repented and "waited upon the Holy Ghost then got baptized" or repented and walked down an aisle confessing him before men, then got baptised, etc., etc.  Whether you were saved when you repented, or saved after you stayed repented. There was a different version for every different group after REPENT, but no one ever left REPENT out, and that is how they always started "evangelism". Repent.  

Now days however, that's a funny word, and most people do not even know what it means, other than as some point of mockery or humor.  And yet, that is precisely the only word you will find in common in every text of Scripture when it came to evangelism, whether by John the Baptist, or Christ, or the Apostles or those who came after.  But if you turn "Christ" into a corporate-political logo, like the McDonald's golden arches, and ask people to "accept it" into their "solar-plexus" no repentance needed because it will make you rich, famous, skinny, beautiful or "happy", you get precisely the kind of "Christianity" you see today?  

Who in their right mind would lay down their life for a McDonald's logo? Give up their careers? Loose their families? Even surrender their very lives to defend?  Of course not, it's a logo, just like "Christ", AND "WINK, WINK" we "tell lies" and "believe in them" to "get presents".  That's what today's "Christians" are being "converted to".  They are being "converted" into Nicolaitan LIARS, not born-again spirit-filled, dedicated disciples of the living Christ.  And they produce "ministers" from their "Factories" they call "schools" who work for 501(c)3 "corporations", get their paychecks from a CEO, and go home.  They spend their time preaching excuse making for every text of scripture that bumps into their "good-hair day" theology, and they aspire to be rich and famous, not godly.  

They sell "Christ" products and services on TV infomercials with less tact and discretion Proctor and Gamble sell Tampons, Toilet paper and Condoms, and produce ignorant, non-thinking zombies en masse for "Christians" that are good for nothing more than a vote at a ballot box and a donation.  We have now in America, an entire culture of religious commercial fraudulence, we call "normal", or "Christian", and it is nothing of the sort.  

It is demonic to the core, and nothing will illustrate this apostacy historically more than how the subject of Rome's solar-mass has morphed itself into standard practice over the decades in Protestant "Churches", once found so Satanic as to not even be allowed public.  Now however, the alleged self-styled theological descendants of these same groups and institutions, now calling for it's compulsory enforcement?  From Satanic to Enforced by law? 

So obviously someone has made a huge mistake.  Who do you REALLY think that is? REALLY? HONESTLY?


Mat 6:24  No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.  

  Click Link to view


           How "Mystery Babylon" infiltrated America's CHURCHES and converted them into the secret worship of Satan.

Synpopsis: This video shows how Christians have been seduced, brainwashed and deceived by some very evil people who know precisely what they are up too... and are blatent DEVIL WORSHIPERS.  They are leading millions into DAMNATION, and eternity in the same LAKE OF FIRE, they are DECEIVED INTO WORSHIPING.  Only God's Grace and a love for truth (2 Thess 2) will save you from them.





At one time, the majority of all PROTESTANT denominations rejected the Pope's Christ-mass knowing the information you are reading here as common knowledge any elementary school child could recite.  Now however, if your minister refuses to lie for his Church at Christ-mass, he will be FIRED!  Lose his entire career, face unemployment, a wasted college education, family alienation or loss, even possible homelessness, and his reputation run down by his phony apostate fellow ministers to avoid dealing with the truth about their own compromised seared consciences in which they are self-serving their careers as complete phonies, and nothing more, rather than serving God as true ministers of the gospel and it's Christ.

Would you tell the TRUTH if this were done to YOU?
(You would only if you REALLY TRULY BELIEVED in God, the Bible in any manner, or his real Christ)

The sad fact of the matter is that today's "Christian ministers"
are so far gone, most are not even "saved" anymore.

The following are "True Confessions" and "Testimonials".  The first was written by a former Baptist minister who lost everything as a result of standing for the truth.  The second  comment by a minister who came out of Catholicism after realizing the terrible deception he was a part of as a follower of Christ and how he was alienated by his entire family as a result of his witness concerning the truth, and in particular about Rome's "Christ" mass.  The third is a public call for repentence written by a minister to a local newspaper.

The stands these men (and many others like them) have taken, illustrate why in all probability, your PROTESTANT/EVANGELICAL minister has chosen to lie to you about Christmas, rather than repent and TELL THE TRUTH, surrendering their will to the REAL CHRIST of the Bible.  Many PROTESTANT ministers are AFRAID to speak out in their own Churches because of the things they will be forced to suffer as a result of standing with the truth.  
Until the body of people who make up the congregations of these historically 
Churches, institutions and denominations begin to speak up for their own true theological heritage, their own history, and their own faiths, you will see why given the options, most ministers will simply sear their conscience and support whatever lies they are told to speak, no matter what it does to their own souls, the souls of people in their congregations, or even the country.

(And Loses All To Follow Christ)

 ...We grew up celebrating Christmas, and December 25th was something we were trained to look forward to all year long.  Every big toy or present we decided we wanted was deferred and promised to us for Christmas, which often times we got.  As I grew older, I remember focusing more and more on the spiritual aspect of Christmas.  The part about Christ.  The Church functions and activities, etc.  I do confess I did enjoy the music and the nostalgia and reflection of the holiday.  But the commercialism always bothered me, as did the lying to children about Santa-Clause.  I knew there was simply no way to reconcile that with scripture. I remember when I was in college, while training for the ministry, reading a book by Alexander Hislop called "The Two Babylons" and found it absolutely fascinating.  I was blown away really how so many things had become part of our religious traditions that were simply straight out of hell.  I was also a C.H.Spurgeon fan, and ran across his comments about Christmas.  The more I begin to read about it, the more shocked I became about what I was endorsing to students of my ministry.  I finally got to the point I could no longer in good conscience support this deception.  The problem was of course, that most Baptist denominations now support Christmas.  In fact, they have built much of the Church calendar around Christmas and holiday activities associated with it.  Even certain charity drives and missionary fund drives are done especially at Christmas.  I knew that I had to make a choice between being a "company man" and going along with the program, or doing God's will.  The more I tried to justify the compromises, the worse I felt, and the more guilty my own conscience started to become.  It was affecting my spiritual life definitely.  I could actually feel God's presence leaving.  That's when I knew, if I did want to serve God in reality, rather than just pretend, I simply had no choice.   Well as you can imagine, that was the end of my career.  But it was a career that I realize now would have taken me down the road to hell, even though on the outside, it would all looked quite the opposite.  After you go to college and get your degrees in theology, and then find yourself in a state of disagreement, there is not much else you can do with your education.  I ran across ministers who didn't believe in the Bible anymore, didn't believe in the afterlife, I even met one who admitted in private he was really an atheist or agnostic.  But they were all doing the religious motions externally that kept everyone happy (like Christmas).  I was angry about it for a while.  But what has happened since is that God has tremendously blessed us financially, my relationship with God is better now than it has ever been, and I have had a life of ministry since then, that God has richly blessed.  And most importantly of all, I can now speak the truth to those I talk to about God.  The decision I made to withdraw from Christmas was one of the hardest things I ever did.  It cost me what I thought was going to be my career.  That was 30 years ago and the more I have learned about this subject, the more I am convinced that decision was a pivitol point in my own salvation.  Had I chosen to go the way of the world with this, there is no doubt in my mind, I would have lost my soul, and become another angel of the devil that the the Church is now over-run with.  I met one of my freinds from college, years later, who had made the decision to keep their job, rather that obey what the Spirit of God was telling them.  This person broke down in tears with me and asked me to pray for them.  They told me that if they were to die in a car accident on the way back returning to their Church for service, they really had no assurance in their own heart, they would even be going to heaven.  I do believe this fork in the road can become an issue in someone's salvation.  The Christ they are peddling for Christmas is not the one in the Bible. It is a phoney fake commercialized pagan Christ. I'm fairly convinced if I had followed that one 30 years ago, I would have wound up in the same spiritual condition as my friend.  I hope this encourages others who find themselves in ministries, to do what they know is right, rather than what they know will advance their careers..  Because in the end, you might gain the world, but lose your own soul over it.  And that's simply not worth what you will pay.  At one time, Christians in America, understood this truth. 

Another (former Catholic) Minister wrote; 

"The Christ-Mass thing is what finally caused my siblings and parents to disown me. They didn't like it when I (a devout Catholic) left the church after reading a bible. They didn'r like it when I started to ministry. They didn't like it when I started sharing facts with them and everyone I came into contact with about Rome. They didn't like it when I pulled my children from Catholic shool and became a preacher. They didn;t like it when I became an associate pastor of a nondenominational church. But when I sent out a doc file filled with evidence against Christ-Mass 15 or so years ago, that was the final straw!  Christ-mass appeals to the world for one main reason. MONEY!

This Minister Wrote A Public Call for Repentance To A Local News Paper:

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Why do we go on believing in a lie? We know that Christmas is not Jesus’ Birthday. Anybody who has been taught in religion studies would tell you that we may not know when Jesus was born but it was not December 25th.In fact the majority of you may not even know that a festival that began with the Romans called the Saturnalia was a festival or holiday that took place to celebrate Saturn as a harvest god. It was celebrated from the 17th until the 25th of December. This is the time where the Roman people were to indulge in food, drink and gift giving. It was within this festival’s conclusion, December 24th where the Romans believed they were destroying the forces of darkness, their enemies. On December 25th they did not eat or drink. On the 26th is where they exchanged their gifts to each other.  In the 4th century CE, the high Popes of Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival by choosing the 25th day as Jesus’ birthday – a new life of hope and everything that Jesus stands for– in hopes of drawing the pagan masses to join with them. It was within the Council of Nicaea where the church was in the process of legalizing Christianity with the authority of the Roman Emperor Constantine, for the sole purpose of unifying into the one religion of Rome. In time the Popes over Christians succeeded in winning the pagans to Christianity. It was with the promise that they could continue to celebrate the Saturnalia but under the name, “Christmas.” Christmas became one of the most popular Roman celebrations. In time it was marked by drunken orgies, and reversal of social roles. The Lord of Misrule were officers appointed over “Christmas” to preside over the “Feast of the Fools” until 1431 where they banned this festival.

The Origin of Christmas Tree
The Asheira cult – part of those celebrating Saturn as a harvest god, were recruited by the High Popes of what we’ve come to know as the Catholic Church, who did sanction the usage of “Trees” within the Christmas festival. Keep in mind that these pagans long before Jesus worshipped trees in the forest, or brought them into their homes to decorate them as a sign of new life. The Church adopted this observance.  Again I say, Christmas is a lie. There is no Christian church that would come to agree that Jesus was really born on December 25th. December 25th is a day on which Jews have been shamed, tortured, and murdered.  We have come to think that Christmas has become a “commercial” event. The fact is, it never was not a “commercial” event. We have been lied to. Merging with pagans just to have those, Constantine Christians, keep you happy so the Empire can be happy. All this from the Council of Nicaea. All this in the history books if you truly care to know the truth from the fake ones.

What is important? The truth or a blend of paganism?

If you are to celebrate Jesus, then don’t blaspheme him.



Because the people behind the promotion of Rome's Solar-mass consider their religious organizations, the equivalent of "States", they consider no act in creating dominance for their religious organizations to be "out of bounds", or "unacceptable morally" so long as it serves the desired end.  So, in order to support THE CHRISTMAS LIE, no lie is too big or unethical to tell.  And consequently, all criticism of it's practice is always reduced to some cartoonish misrepresentation to then easily dismiss, just as you will see in the case with America's Pilgrims, spelled out in detail below.  The following statements you will no doubt hear voiced in discussing anyone's concern in America over compulsory observance of Christmas:

THE LIE: Only Christian radical fundamentalists object to Christmas.
THE LIE: Only far-left liberals object to Christmas.
THE LIE: Only the "New-Age" politically correct object to Christmas.
THE LIE: Only _______ (fill in the blank: Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Communists, etc) object to Christmas.

THE TRUTH: First you should take note of how the word "radical" is being employed to describe the "Christain" objectors.  It broad-brushes every objector in the "Christian" universe into a single theological category.  There are many different kinds of "Christian" objectors to Christmas.  Some Objectors are Liberal, some are conservative, some are fundamentalists, some are not.  That is simply the fact of the matter and this site gets mail from all variations on the theological spectrum, but almost all without exception are in fact PROTESTANT.  Which is what you the reader should become aware of first.  After-all, Christ-mass is regardless of the KGB style propaganda tricks, a holy day made Imperial law by the Roman Pope, Sixtus III (three sixes (literally)), plain and simple, and everyone knows it is a Roman-Catholic Holy Day, from the cashier at 7-11 to the Supreme Court Justices.  It just a question of whether you are free to admit it or not, that determines whether or not you do.  Supreme Court Justices are not free, or perhaps prefer, at the moment to admit they are enforcing the establishment of Roman Religious practice on Americans, so they don't. One day, when it is no longer inconvenient to call it that, they will.

These derogatory labels in reference to Christian objectors, are targeting PROTESTANTS, who now share not a single seat on the US Supreme court, though still the majority religious persuasion of people in America??  Further, these distortions are misrepresenting their historic concerns, which have full validity on every front, from legal to theological to cutlural.  It is a Propaganda ploy, plain and simple.  Liberals (some of whom may even do Christmas themselves) reject the idea that the federal government should be allowed to dictate religious practice to people in America, whether they like or agree with Christmas or not.  How "many" people "like Christmas" in the latest poll is completely beside the point as knowledgeable and committed Americans.  They see it as simply inappropropriate and Unamerican to support compulsory Christmas laws which violate the purpose and intent of the US Constitution.  Some, perhaps even many Protestant conservatives share this same opinion.  Some fundamentalists might reject Christmas because they see in the practice of lying to their children something morally offensive that is not consistent with their belief in the Scriptures, and cannot fathom in good conscience this should be forced on all America.  People who love truth and justice come from many places.


( You as a Majority American, have no right to object to the worship of Rome's "Image" on December 25th )

On MSNBC, you will hear Lawrence O'Donnell the Roman Catholic mocking anyone who objects to being forced to observe any of Rome's holy days, even down to Halloween, much less Christmas (even though he masquerades as a "liberal").  And on Fox News you will see the Roman Catholic Bill O'Reilly waging his annual Christmas jihads, after finger thumping the Constitution and wrapping himself in a flag (even though he masquerades as a "conservative").  On MSNBC, anyone objecting to Rome's holy Idol days are just " crazy radical fundementalists", but on Fox News, you will be told anyone objecting to Rome's holy Idol days are "Far-Left" crazy Liberals. 

So obviously this site is a Far-left, radical right-wing, conservative-godless liberal, new-ager politically correct-incorrect, secretly sponsored by a Jewish conspiracy to impose Sharia law for godless Atheists, homosexual commie, Bible-thumping fundamentalist web site, since obviously anyone against compulsory Christmas law in America has to be all these negative stereo-types all at the same time, most of which are self-contradictory.  Not that these Roman-Catholic accusers are actually trying to be anything other than "effective", as opposed to actually accurate.

Both are white-washing the issue and perhaps attempting to brainwash the public with intentional disinformation.  Perhaps this monolithic reporting from Catholic media celebrities demonstrates a Roman-Catholic "reporter" cannot be expected to do anything other than remain consistent with that faithful imperial decree issued under Pope Sixth III (yes, literally 666), the Theodosius II Codex, that declared all conscientious objectors to the "adaptation" of Rome's Solar-Mass as a "Christ" Mass, be declared insane and considered the enemies of Rome? It would be refreshing to see that now unavoidable conclusion dispelled with a nice firm repudiation of religious compulsion by a Roman-Catholic commentator, as probability itself suggest, there must be some exception to this unfortunate rule out there in America?  Atheist Americans should not be left standing alone in a corner on this question of religious compulsion.  They should at the very least be joined by every Protestant in America, liberal and conservative, in complete unison.  It matters not one twit and is completely beside the point, that you might "agree" with what they are being forced to do.  Do you want to live in a country where 50.1% can strip you of every right you deserve as an American citizen?  It is a dangerous game to play and one that is being sponsored for the sole and intended purpose of bringing you as an American (and a Protestant) to precisely and exactly such a place.  A place your ancestors fought with their very lives. (And you won't so much as insult your own preacher over it?)

The fact is, this is how the Children and descendants of America's historic Protestant faiths have come to be disinformed, indoctrinated, marginalized  and in some cases demonized, in this country, and betrayed by the very people that (falsely & fraudulently) claim to identity with, defend or even lead them.  The situation is inexplicably bizarre beyond reason, and no less strange than finding out that KKK Klansmen had been put in charge of the "official" NAACP?  Or that Nazis were running the ADL?  This site is here to encourage all of it's readers to speak up and tell the world, it is time this kind of abuse and disinformation come to a permanent end, with or without anyone's "leadership" on the question.  Rome's Idol worship day is not that glorious, not that American, and certianly not that Christian, to merit automatically dumping all American's who object to it, into a one size fits all garbage can along with their Constitutional rights. The religion of Bill O'Reilly and Lawrence ODonnell is not the only religion in America, and even if it were, it has no right to behave this way under the American ideals that these same American laws were designed from the very beginning, to nurture and protect.

From the descendants of America's slaves who fled the compulsion and racism of Rome's holy day of Idol worship under liberators like Harriet Tubman, to the Southern Revivalists and Brush Arbor meetings of the Weslyan movement, to the Social justice of the New England Quakers, to the old fashioned Baptist Calvinist preachers like Spurgeon, to the restorationists of the Campbell movement, to the evangelists movement of the early evangelicals, to the faithful Protestant Prebytarians who remembered their ancestors struggles in Europe against Roman Fascism.  These ALL (AND EVEN MORE!) objected to Rome's Idolatrous Christ-mass, ...and many, despite their seduced and fallen modern brothers and sisters, across the spectrum of theology, race, politics and class, STILL DO. 

That's the TRUTH.  And the liars and cheaters and theives and traitors to our own Constitution rely on keeping objectors silent through marginalization, ridicule and persecution.  There are many more people out here who feel this way, than will make their voices known, but how many are willing to lose their job over speaking up about it?  And that is exactly what will happen in many cases if they simply do nothing more than exercise their 1st amendment rights as American citizens and say "I don't participate in Christmas", to the "office party", the "school play" the "government function", whatever.  And all of that is completely intentional.  That is exactly the way they want it to be.  But, the fact that Americans, be they Atheists, Jewish, Muslim or Protestants must now hide their faith and their feelings about this Roman holy day, does not mean it has gone away.  Quite the opposite is actually happening.  So the objections remain silent, having no choice, in a supposedly free country, some of whom, founded by their own forefathers, to do only that which Rome permits them to do and say only that which Rome permits them to openly speak.  

The Fox News "inquisition" against faithful patriotic Americans who have the right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to be free from laws of religous compulsion deserve better than this.  And to the readers of this site who are here as the enemy, rather than the friend, let it be known the more you keep pushing this issue in violation of the real law of America, the more certain you make it that you will make enemies in places you never dreamed possible.  There are more Americans who will secretly sympathize with American freedom, than agree with Rome's force, especially in rendering our own Constitution null and void, if not a Protestant's own Bible.  This site is here today, because that is the truth, and there will be more and more every year, until both Fox News and MSNBC get the message. We are Americans. All of us, together. From the Atheist, to the Mulsim, to the Jew, to the Christian, we will stand together for our freedom, if you will not.

The parade of Roman Catholic news celebrities on Fox News spew out disinformation on the unsuspecting American public just trying to watch the news so thick they score lower than people who never watch any news at all from anyone.  In other words, their stuff is so riddled with Jesuit deceit, you would be better off just staring at a blank wall.

Fox News's closet Nazi, (in the literal sense) and Inquisition denier, Sean Hannity, likes to get up and harangue America's public till he's blue in the face about "Sharia law", which is about as big a threat to America as not being able to find Pork on Saturday. While he pushes every time he has his mouth open, for the institutionalization of Rome's Vatican laws in America, along with it's complete monopolization of the US Supreme Court, and the destruction of the US Constitutional separation between Church and State. 
No Protestant in America should listen to that kind of garbage.  Not a single one because the entire point of his shill, is to "convince" Conservatives (mostly Protestant at that) to wad their US Constitution up into a ball of paper, wipe their behind with it, and kiss America good-bye, for a Latin American style Catholic dictatorship. (So you can be "saved" from goat-herders in Afghanistan, and the "evils" of their impending "sharia law"). While the Muslim senior financial partner at News Corp., owner of FOX NEWS, finances the very building of the Mosque, that Nazi collaborators, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, decry every night to whip the peasants up with pitch forks and torches.  (And yes, even if you are a "conservative fan", these three commentators are Nazi collaborators, literally)  This site will document that in the last section, THE WAR.  And, as most conservative Protestants, do not realize, the Nazi Reich itself, was nothing more than Vatican Rome's attempt to re-assert it's control over it's old Holy Roman Empire.  A plan with it's associated "politic" now known as Nazi Fascism, which never went away, even though Hitler did.  Political operatives fronting as "ministers" working to "convert" America's conservative Evangelicals to "Hitlerism" should not be "afforded" the title "Christian" nor "Saved", simply because that is the truth of the matter, and the factual teaching of the New Testament they cannot bury with all the horse manure and opposite speak at Fox News 24/7.



To the millions of Jews who suffered the greatest holocausts in history throughout the longest periods of the ages
Because they remained faithful and refused to bow their knee to the Idol/Image of the Empire

To the early Muslims who recognized the lie when translating the New Testament for Rome
And refused also to bow their knees to the Idol of the Roman beast,

To the millions of Catholics who risked and lost their own lives to bring the truth to the world about what Rome had really done
And suffered every manner of injustice, slander and alienation before there were even Protestants to listen or care

To the millions of Protestants who likewise risked and gave up their lives to bring the Great Reformation and reset the course of western history onto
the paths of modern democracy including the founding of America
And who continued to speak the truth about Rome's Christ-mass for 400 years even while the rest of Europe offered them only hate

To America's Pilgrims, who came here to find refuge from compulsory homage to Rome's Christ-Mass, 
and gave half their number to eternity to secure a safe haven for generations to come
And though reviled and mocked by those who also call them fathers and mothers, bore a witness in history that will live as long as America itself

To the founder and pioneers of the American Free Church movement who preached tirelessly the scriptures day and night
By brush fires, and tents and circuits on horseback, warning and teaching against Christ-mass and it's deception.

Who searched the scriptures to rebuild the lost past, and discover the truths that had been hidden and extinguished

To the native Americans who suffered and died because they would not embrace the image of the beast,
and had no knowledge of the danger of it's coming to America

To the Quakers who knew and taught the truth about Rome's Christ-mass from their beginnings, 
Being the most Christian of all, yet not even acknowledged with the name

To Harriet Tubbman who listend to the voice of God and struck during the Christ-Mass 
to bring freedom to slaves who were being forced to pay homage to Rome's Idol in the shackles of their slavery

and all African-Americans who lost their lives or freedom to the Jesuit slave-traders of Christ-mass who brought brought it's compulsion to the South
Who from the pit of slavery were forced to struggle against it's institutionalized racism,
denied their lives, their freedom, and even their humanity 
created through and propigated by Rome's false Idol of a European named Apollo with blonde hair and blue eyes, born on the Sun's Solstice

To the faithfulness of the Protestant sects, who bear the shame and abuse of being castigated as cults, as were the so-called "heretics" of Rome's past
Who have had their children taken in court cases, their jobs lost, their families alienated from them, and their legal status as fellow Americans forsaken
because they refused to join in the Christmas lie, though the entire Christian world became their accusers

To the Scotts, and the Presbyterian Reformed who still speak the truth about this deception to this very day,
Though forsaken and mocked by their own fellow Presbyterians and even American ministers 
Who have sold out their heritage, it's truth, and their own forefathers, who would rather worship the Devil than inconvenience themselves
Not worthy to even share the same name with them

To the southern fundementalists in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Carolina and other southern states
Who love their Bibles and their God, more than the praises of fellow southerners
And stand against the false claims of Rome's Christ-mass in the Bible belt, bearing the inexcusable abuse and injustice
From even their own unfaithful ministers

To the Spanish Protesters  who died in Spain, suffering one of the greatest genocides in history for refusing the bow to the Image of the beast

To the thousands who dissappeared in Latin America, and are still missing to this day, at the hands of the religious death squads

To even the Atheists who stood against the compulsion of Rome's Christ-Mass unconstitutionally in America
And suffered the hate and slander and accusations from a people who should have, instead, been thanking them as fellow Americans
when no one with a either a Bible or a History book could be found either patriotic or pious enough to do it for them

To the child who says courageously he knows there is no Santa
To the parent who decides to no longer to lie

And to all those to come, who will speak the truth about Rome's compulsion over Christ-Mass, 
until Rome and it's deception are no more, or the world ends as we know it.

You are welcome here, your sacrifices are remembered here, and you are thanked for your service to both God and man 
on behalf of the truth and it's freedom to be known and loved.

And to the hope that one day there really will be peace on earth, and goodwill to men,
When religious compulsion is no longer practiced because all on earth have realized that no religion is worth faith
until it has been chosen because it is true
And every religion which humanity still then believes, is the result of a choice based on the truth
Not a lie that has been simply accepted, because of unjust earthly gifts of bribery, institutional deceit, and the threat of force, or death. 

Peace on earth, goodwill toward men,
the truth, instead of the lie.

THE CHRISTMAS LIE: It's bigger than you think !